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My cursor.
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November 25, 2002, 8:58 pm
I think i made a really good cursor here. Im going to be putting it into my mod.

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] cursor.bmp1.26 KB

November 25, 2002, 9:12 pm
VENge:nice i love it. i will use it from now on man

November 25, 2002, 11:36 pm
cool. It actually started out blue and without a dot in the middle. I was trying to make it look like the crosshair for the rifle from halo. Then i decided blue looked bad and it was hard to aim because it blended in with the background. So i made it red and gave it an outline. it worked out pretty well

November 26, 2002, 2:14 am
VENge: yup...very nice indeed

November 26, 2002, 8:13 pm
hmm... it's nice.

November 26, 2002, 9:13 pm
zene: that's what i said when i see it!

November 26, 2002, 11:31 pm
it is nice, isnt it?

November 27, 2002, 12:13 am
Man, thats the same way I started my cursor, but then I changed it to this [IMAGE]

November 27, 2002, 2:13 am
that one looks nice but its kinda thin.

November 27, 2002, 9:07 pm
VENgE: i agreed...the line is too thin...it should be thicker or a different colour

November 27, 2002, 10:41 pm
But mine is the best! YAR!

November 28, 2002, 10:49 pm
VENgE: haha, yous IS the best

November 28, 2002, 11:31 pm

November 29, 2002, 12:50 am
VENgE: can't wait for your mod

November 30, 2002, 2:38 am
Well, i have the skin for the player done. I have new weapon sounds. Right now im working on the interface and then i need to work on the maps...

November 30, 2002, 2:53 am
VENgE: you need help? i can help you

November 30, 2002, 6:35 am
lol, ive compiled around 30 cursors :) im still making/getting more.

currently for my own use, until i have permission from the mod makers to release a cursor pack.

November 30, 2002, 3:45 pm
High: If you really want to help, I just need some help on the maps. I have no problem with changing the interface, weapons and sounds but I just need help with the maps. If you are intrested, contact me at bobbert_man@hotmail.com on msn.

December 1, 2002, 3:40 am
Psyl3ntShad0w: release one...come ON! please...is gotta be the BEST!

VENgE: i just added you

y'all: why don't someone make a specific cursor for a specific gun...so then when aimming...it wil be easier and more accurate...you guyz know what i mean?

December 1, 2002, 4:05 am
I didn't know it would change cursors for different guns.

December 1, 2002, 6:24 am
Computa_Xpert: i eman like diferent cursor, like when you using that specific cursor, you use that SPECific gun all the time

December 1, 2002, 6:26 am
I am still confused

December 1, 2002, 3:47 pm
Computa_Xpert: like you know how mp5 has a gravity thing with the bullet...mkae a bullet taht helps you aim better...