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Soldat moment caught on camera
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January 23, 2004, 3:14 pm
Who has the best Soldat moment on demo wins.
Post em here i guess..

January 23, 2004, 7:34 pm
and how you will rate them ? how funny is it ? how many kills somebody got ?

January 23, 2004, 8:39 pm
originality. :)

January 23, 2004, 10:05 pm
I think ill rate how funny or interesting the video is.

January 23, 2004, 11:06 pm
and one more question
Who will rate it ? Other people ? You Lupus ?

January 24, 2004, 12:08 am
We the People!

January 24, 2004, 12:15 am
Everytime when something great happens, I do not record.

January 24, 2004, 3:07 am
i cant post a 24mb demo, sorry.
but in short, it was a 15v15 tdm in arena till 1000 kills
that rox :D

January 24, 2004, 3:31 am
Michal should make a tool to cut and mix the demos. Maybe for registered users only, but he should make it.

January 24, 2004, 9:38 pm
Good proposition. I make "recording" on and i wait till somethin happen... Stupid... Then i will cut and put it together - funneh it'll be! Maybe we should talk about plot and act some scenes:)

February 10, 2004, 4:56 am
This is a good game that i played online and i was usin dial up.....(yea i know it sux) but i actully got over 50 kills and it was 2 agaist 1 and then a person join my team and left....just watch it. Oh yea.....i'm {RN-R}Lone Wolf

Well...i cant get the file to upload so email me if you want to see the video....

February 10, 2004, 10:39 am
I will rate it :P