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Why is the lobby STILL down>
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February 2, 2004, 4:24 pm

Ok I'm getting annoyed, this is my first 2 weeks of SOLDAT and the lobby is still down, I want my 2d fun god-dammit T_T Is it my problem or the lobbies? Someone tell me <_<

February 2, 2004, 4:33 pm
why the lobby is still down? because it hasn't been set up until now...
no sorry, you can't do anything, and it's not a problem with your computer or anything, noone is able to connect to the lobby..

February 2, 2004, 4:39 pm
lobby problem.
use the "All Seeing Eye" to find servers

February 2, 2004, 4:42 pm
It happens from time to time... hang in there, it'll be back up. Also you can start using The All-Seeing Eye to find servers to connect to. http://www.udpsoft.com/eye2/index.html

February 2, 2004, 6:34 pm
Thankyou for the help guys :D That tool is really neat!
I will use it in future problems like this :) ASE rocks! lol