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Urgent help needed plz
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February 16, 2004, 4:00 pm
Hi i orderd a key on the internet and i was talking to other registerd users, and they said they got an email right away, then later they got a 2nd one whitch contained the key, i have yet to recive one email, the order was accpet everything was fine, i was wondering if there is anything i can do to find out whats happening, i think i may have used the wrong suffix for my email account , my email is @yahoo.co.uk but i THINK , and i do mean think, that i put @yahoo.com

March 11, 2004, 2:36 pm
now someone els is very happy ( or not) because he got your reg. key.
You can send a mail to michael and ask him to send him again to your email...i donĀ“t think he will but...take a shot[^]