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Got Lag?
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Light Knight
February 19, 2004, 10:40 am
I played 1.1.5 for quite some time and figured i'd install 1.2 and check it out. Unfortunatley I can only play 1 player with bots because EVERY server no matter what ping or amount of people is too laggy for me to play. I am unable to see people's movements, it seems all jagged. I have AOL (yeah i know AOL sucks) cable modem, no router, WinXP Pro, Athlon 2400+ CPU, 512mb's DDR400 Ram, and not really sure what's going on. I have no lag in any other game at the moment BUT soldat. If I missed some setting after installing Soldat or if it is just my computer, I'd really like to know. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Also running Directx 9.0B, gladly respond to any other info you might need... , also I went into spectator mode in a game and got this error about a bad packet too