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kill message improvement
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February 22, 2004, 7:02 pm
I would like the following.

You are killed by Danko
With HK-MP5

you see what weapon u are killed with.
its really a great improvement i think.
well anyways. i'd like to post this.

February 22, 2004, 7:05 pm
If mike does consider this should be put in the back of his mind since you already can see this in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

February 22, 2004, 7:10 pm
if anyone gets killed there is a message in the upper right are of the screen. There is the name of the killer, in green, and the name of the victim, in red. right of those 2 names is a picture of the weapon wich was used to kill the victim. and most of the times you get killed you see the enemy, and his weapon as well. So I don't think this would be needed.

February 22, 2004, 7:12 pm
Yeah, also there is not really much point because you can usually tell by the sound of the weapon, and by the seeing it (if you can).

February 22, 2004, 7:39 pm
You can also regognice the gun by its bullets if someone kills you from a far away.

February 22, 2004, 8:24 pm
jsut look in teh corner of your screen, i know its hard but i belive you can muster up the strenght ot move your eyes to the right, remember pain is weakness leaving the body