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How do I start a dedicated server?
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December 7, 2002, 1:58 am
A dedicated server is used to run a faster Soldat server without a player.
You can do this in two ways:

1. In the SOLDAT.INI file, section NETWORK, find Dedicated=0, change it to Dedicated=1.

2. Run the game with the parameter -dedicated (Soldat.exe -dedicated). You can use the sortcuts in the Start Menu
If you want the server to start the game automaticly do this:
- Run the game normally and enter the menu. Set all the game options (game mode, time limit, map list etc.)
- Quit the game and the settings will be saved
- Run Soldat with parameters -dedicated -start

These are parameters that can be used when running Soldat.exe:
- Soldat.exe -dedicated (starts a Soldat dedicated server)
- Soldat.exe -start (starts the game without entering the menu)
- Soldat.exe -dedicated -start (runs the dedicated server automaticly)