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What do I use to make a MOD for Soldat?
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December 12, 2002, 6:09 pm
First you need an idea, so that would be an idea-oozing brain, #1.

#2 - The best tool to alter graphic files is MS Paint cranked to an 800% zoom level. These files are very small, so a higher class editor such as photoshop would be little help.

#3 - You can find royalty free sound samples all over the Web. They must be in wav file format. If you find an mp3 file, you will need to convert it into wav form using ?mp3 to wav? conversion software. (ie. winamp) If you really want your sounds tight ... and I know you do .. you can use a wav editor to alter them for a perfect fit and adjust volumes. Popular wav editors: Cool Edit, Sound Forge, Wavelab.
These progs are not freeware, so you?ll need to search for one if you prefer not to pay ... and I know you don?t!