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How do I change the games appearance?
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December 12, 2002, 6:25 pm
There are several folders in the Soldat directory that contain editable appearance files.

/gostek-gfx: body parts, hair, clothing, jewelry, miscellaneous objects that don?t seem to appear in the game.

/interface-gfx: target cursor, health, jet, and ammo reload bars/icons, gun graphics for selection menu, all the things you see at the bottom of the play screen

/objects-gfx: flag, spotlight

/scenery-gfx: All scenery (ie. grass, rocks, crates ... etc.)

/sparks-gfx: spawn spark, smoke, blood, grenade pin, shells, cigarette, spit, (explosion folder contains explosion animation frames)

/textures: map textures, textures for bonuses

/weapons-gfx: All in-game weapon graphics, including clips, firing graphics, bullets, and grenades

All files are bitmap (filename.bmp) and they need to be saved as such after editing.

The best way to edit these files is to open them in MS Paint, customize the view to 800%, and start modifying. You can open these files in more complex image editing programs for better color blending, but this tends to blur the object (if you have resized it larger, edited it, then resized back to normal) which can be fine tuned in MS Paint. Commonly the green gets blurred with the edges of the object and will appear when in game. All you need to do is replace the altered green with the green that acts as a transparency. The ?invisible green stew? ingredients are Hue: 80, Sat: 240, Lum: 120, Red: 0, Green: 255, Blue: 0. For me it?s the 5th green in from second row on the color pallette.

There are also mirrored images of alot of these files and are marked with a ?2? following the filename. These are used to reverse the appearance; when the player?s left side is viewed. Easiest way to mirror a modified image is using the image menu in MS Paint: image/flip-rotate/flip vertical, then ?save as? adding a ?2? or ?-2?, whichever is called for.

You will find if you increase the dimensions of these graphic files, they will appear to be offset in the game. This is due to the program placing the image at specific points, starting with a selected edge, which differs for certain images. So your best bet is to draw the image, check it in game and see where the image should be shifted. Ahhh that wasn?t so bad was it? ... WAS IT?