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Gostek folder..whatinthefrig are these lil images?
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December 12, 2002, 6:33 pm
Why they are the little structures that make your guy so violently cute. Some useless, all mod?able.

Main body parts


Other Files:
dred.bmp = A single dreadlock
kap.bmp = hat
helm.bmp = helmet
badge.bmp = Rambo band
dred.bmp = A single dreadlock
hair1.bmp = Base hair for dreadlocks
hair2.bmp = Punk
hair3.bmp = Mr.T style
hair4.bmp = normal
kamizelka = bulletproof vest (appears over klata)
lecistopa = foot while using jet
para.bmp = ½ parachute
para2.bmp = other ½ parachute
para-rope.bmp = parachute rope
cygaro = cigarette/cigar
lancuch = dogtag?s chain
metal = dogtag
zlotylacuch = gold chain
zloto = gold chain frontal link piece thingy

Beer and walkie do not seem to appear in the game. Perhaps these were tried during it's creation and were just never taken out.

The mirror images of the above are marked with a ?2? following the filename. These are used to reverse the appearance; when the player?s left side is viewed.