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Bah 1.2 Fix problems..
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April 18, 2004, 7:44 am
I'm having some pretty big probs with the 1.2 fix

1. Probs my biggest problem, is that i have been hosting clan matches and for some reason approx. 2mins into the match the server boots everyone execpt myself and no one can re-join, not like they are banned but like the server ain't up anymore

2. At the start of each map on any server but my own, soldat freezes. and i have to leave the server then rejoin so i can continue playing

3. Sometimes, not all the time.. guns like the minimi have a weird effect on the game physics.. 2 or 3 shots from it can blow me clear over to the other side of the map

4. Not really a bug.. but still annoying.. wtf is up with the talk console.. am i the only one that doesnt require the last 15 lines of text from a convo ppl were having, which i wasnt involved in.. i mean it takes up the whole bloody screen.. in the case of a chat console, simple is better and it worked better b4

I'm just wondering are all these bugs associated only with me.. cause i really dont understand how a fix could cause me so many probs.. i never had any of these probs when using the un-patched 1.2