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A.K Fury
May 22, 2004, 5:03 pm
Ok V.03 is just a tweaker until I find some good sounds, I'd really appreciate it if someone would please tell me a good site where I could find good gun noises that are less.... Lead filled and more energetic if you know what I mean ;) So the fixes are listed down there


Click here to get it

Original Changes:
New Helmet
New Hat/Kap
New Armor
New Guns looks
New Interface
New Cursor
New Crosshair
Better looking weapons
Energy is now Red
Better Weapon Icons

Fixed up all Gun GFX
Detailed Gun GFX
Changed everything back to blue
Fixed the Helm a little

May 22, 2004, 5:07 pm
thats great for a first mod

May 22, 2004, 5:22 pm
Some of the weapons are edited versions of halo mod weapons. :/

A.K Fury
May 22, 2004, 5:24 pm
Which ones? o_O I did have the halo mod before but I was sure to erase the images o_o If they look too much like Halo weapons, I'll quickly go back and make them over. So please do tell me =D


I just looked through the Halo Mods Screenies, numbers 5 and 9 are the most looking like it, So I'll go and fix those, Otherwise please tell me if you see anymore.

Deleted User
May 22, 2004, 7:28 pm
The Desert Eagles are modified duel M60 Halo pistols [:)]

Hehe, you could always make a Halo mod mod [;)]

A.K Fury
May 22, 2004, 8:12 pm
lol yeah I guess so

May 22, 2004, 8:16 pm
still.. for a first mod its very good..

A.K Fury
May 22, 2004, 8:53 pm
Thanks a lot, Coming out of you that's pretty kewl =D I see your posts everywhere lol

May 23, 2004, 2:50 am
That doesn't mean he is intelligent and wise [:P]

A.K Fury
May 23, 2004, 2:59 am
lol I know, But I've read a lot of the posts which makes me BELIEVE that he is intelligent and wise :P

May 23, 2004, 4:35 am
You need a better interface. Also, I like the blue better :P, lime green is also cool too. But red, nay.

Deleted User
May 23, 2004, 11:55 am
Yeah, work on the interface. And I like the red, but bright red doesn't work. Use a softer and darker tone.

A.K Fury
May 23, 2004, 1:19 pm
Thanks for the input, I'll keep that in mind, I'm also gonna work on the GFX more to make the weapons just a bit better, (More detail and better shading) and From here on out, it's just going to be small details since most Mainstream things are done. Thanks for all your input though.

May 23, 2004, 2:48 pm
yeah Drock definatly has no life...doh!

A.K Fury
May 23, 2004, 2:55 pm
ummmm o_O Sure he has posts everywhere but like, he ummmm doesn't have as many as ninja? XD

May 23, 2004, 2:59 pm
Because I've been here longer...

A.K Fury
May 23, 2004, 3:03 pm
ok I'll take that as an Answer. =D

May 23, 2004, 7:21 pm
quote:Originally posted by N1nj@
Because I've been here longer...

lol no [:-censored] drock star hunts like a mofo hes only been a member since january lol and hes flew past me ive been a member here for about a year or so

AK DUDE so many versions to download i cant keep up with u downloading and testing them

V13T B01
May 23, 2004, 7:48 pm
hahahah u edited weaps from the halo mod 0.7! ahahh.... but u shoulda asked first. it's ok but when 1.0 comes out or n e ting like that, ask me first or rambo 6. o and ur helmet looks like a panda head lol

A.K Fury
May 23, 2004, 10:33 pm
lol Yeah sorry bout that V1et I fixed that stuff and now there's nothing like Halo, believe me the head doesn't really look like that, unless it's the black and white one, though it does look pretty 1337 :P

And Haro, sorry about the Version thing, I'm taking it slow now, making small improvements, nobody has told me of a good sound site yet lol :P So that's the main thing I'm waiting for =)

V13T B01
May 24, 2004, 2:04 am
hmmmmm... ok. and consider making a panda mod lol. *bamboo away!* well, gj on the mod... i tink.

A.K Fury
May 27, 2004, 9:20 pm
Ok I'll try a panda mod next XD

May 28, 2004, 12:20 am
quote:Originally posted by Dathker
yeah Drock definatly has no life...doh!

Nfi what you got against me.. i just reply everysingle day right before i go to school. and i bet i have a better life than you kiddo..