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Madness Combat (Black and White) Mod started.
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June 21, 2004, 2:52 pm
Whew. First mod i made WITH a .poa editor!!!

This mod is look-alike as the flash game Madness Combat and the flash movies Madness Combat.

I tried to make it look as reaslitic as possible.

Plus instead of the boring combat knife and the 'stab' move it makes, i edited the .poa files so it swings an AXE to the opponent's head. One hit kill. Also, the axe looks cool when it swings in the air ;)

Here's a screenshot and i've got a demo but i haven't figured out how to make it into a .avi file...so i cant upload it here :(
wont let me upload the file extension
Here you go anyways.


author: trained@bootcamp.com (not someone else plx!! ;))

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] preview.bmp81.94 KB

Deleted User
June 21, 2004, 4:23 pm
I was going to make a Madness Combat mod once, but I didn't have the time [:)]

By the way, use this tutorial to learn how to make .avi files from demos.

June 22, 2004, 1:28 am
Thnx!!! :D

hey guys btw i've found a way to change the texts in the game itself, like weapon names WITHOUT decompiling soldat.

Here's some screenshots:

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] upload1.GIF27.16 KB

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] upload2.GIF41.07 KB

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] upload3.GIF30.79 KB

June 22, 2004, 1:43 am
hmm, sorry, but that's not new...all those stuff can be edited inside the Txt folder

June 22, 2004, 4:27 am
edit the interface-gfx, sfx, weapons-gfx too XD
decompile soldat? you've done this!? [:-hackerkiller]

June 22, 2004, 1:26 pm
dont put him down :) hes doing a good job ^^

June 23, 2004, 6:58 pm
dude, this is gonna be sweet, I love madness combat

Da cHeeSeMaN
June 24, 2004, 9:36 am
WOWOWOW the knife animation is the same as the punch animation... meaning ONE ur punch will look wierd AND two that is one of the many animation that will mess the came up if u go online...

----just try going online with it... and u'll see... or maybe im wrong...

Deleted User
June 24, 2004, 11:04 am
Cheeseman. Punch animation doesn't mess up the game they are the .po files you have to edit to mess up the game not .poa files.

Da cHeeSeMaN
June 25, 2004, 1:12 pm
posted by svezzy the guy who made the .poa editor
quote: This might help clear a lot of stuff up - I got an email back from Michal with a lot explained, including stuff about 1.2 fix.

1. Modified animations are only for the user who?s running them,
not for anyone else, correct?

1. What do you mean? If you change taunt animations ike /smoke, you can do it, it has no affect on the game. In the new Soldat 1.2 fix I made it impossible to edit 3 or 4 animations that let you cheat.

2. This also applies to servers?

2. Servers should not change them.

3. What happens if someone makes their character float off the
ground, or have ultra long arms, or whatever bizarre thing is
done ? does their bounding box not change, or how is that
handled? Will it affect other players?

3. If the server doesn't have modified animations it will do nothing. It was possible only to shoot through walls but I fixed that.

4. Is there a maximum number of frames in an animation?

4. Yes, I don't remember but 40 something. Check which animation has the most frames and take that as max.

I HOPE I MADE MY POINT ABOUT THE EDITING .poa YOU canot edit the punch.poa i have tried it is one of the .poa that u could cheat with so u are not allowed to edit it.... boohoo i wanted a head bash but it wouldnt let me edit it.... anyway its better or else wed have tons of .poa cheaters

Deleted User
June 25, 2004, 1:38 pm
Hmm... I though it was changed for 1.2. Or atleast someone said so. :P

Da cHeeSeMaN
June 25, 2004, 5:45 pm
in 1.2 u COULD change anything BUT with the 1.2FIX u cant...

June 25, 2004, 6:35 pm
quote:hmm, sorry, but that's not new...all those stuff can be edited inside the Txt folderRofl!

June 29, 2004, 9:53 am
ok so if we have edited animations, it will not work on public servers. However, I think soldat only checks if the .poa file matches with the server's, and not the original .poa files, since that information cannot be found if it had been modified.

So ppl who have this mod can play with other ppl who have this mod.
I think... :P

June 29, 2004, 3:03 pm
quote:Originally posted by Da cHeeSeMaN
posted by svezzy the guy who made the .poa editor
quote:2. Servers should not change them.

June 30, 2004, 6:51 pm
lol the guy on the preview picture looks like Rayman.

Da cHeeSeMaN
July 1, 2004, 3:03 pm
u can still edited some animation just not all of them... u can edit the commands (/piss ,/kill etc ect)
put if u edit the punch it wont work i know cos i tried... and some others but i dont know all of them...
but most of em u can still edit... it was just like 6 animation that u couldnt edit but im not sure

July 1, 2004, 9:43 pm
so what? just dont use the amins online. are yall that thick?