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June 23, 2004, 6:52 pm
Funniest thing that's ever happened, it was TDM, 10 red vs 1 blue, on LaGrange, all red team had barrets, blue had deagles, red team moved in on him, and surrounded him, 1 said "Freeze!" and he stopped moving, then, he said "Drop your weapon" and he dropped his deagles, and then, he said "Drop your secondary wep." and he dropped his saw, all red team said "Now, march!" and marched him all the way to the blue base, they had said "Now, any final words or requests?", the blue said "Yes, please don't shoot", then the red said "Welll....... - FIRE!!!" and the reds had murdered him with 1 barret shot to the head and 9 to the corpse, just goes to show you, you should never surrender, cuz, you won't live that way either...

June 23, 2004, 7:16 pm
Oh yes, that's good ^^
We played that with ma pal also [:D]
Maybe a new soldat movie is in makeing?
*searches for Hitman with his eyes*

June 23, 2004, 7:57 pm
LoL thats exianly a game that i play in soldat with some friend and anybody who wants to join :D it doesnt really have a name but we just call it .... cop and robber.... lol :D Ur a bandit and ur just shooting around but u dont kill eachother and hes gotta get caugght and drop his wep and taken to a place and hes gotta try to escape when the "gaurd" sleeps or sumthing... ITS REALLY FUN :D