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Captain Bob
June 29, 2004, 1:01 pm
Hi I am working on my first map ever and I am having alot of waypointing trouble well first of all I mad some waypoints where they walks left for a while then they stop for 1 second and fly up onto a platform then they walk to the end of the platform stop for 1 second then fly up again and that is where I am having all the trouble because some of the time the fly right over the platform and/or once they get there they don't fly very far of the ground can someone please help me?

July 8, 2004, 1:36 pm
Im not sure if i am completely correct but i think you have to make all the waypoints in exactly the right places so that the bots have no trouble touching them(Thier really stupid). Or make a waypoint right over the "wait one sec" spot so that the bot Jumps, then uses jetpack. I have trouble getting bots to do [:-censored] like that too. But this seems to work sometimes. If none of that works check out maps that were already waypointed and see how they did it. thats all i have. If you had trouble understanding what i said feel free to ask for more details. But well, im no expert