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December 24, 2002, 6:15 pm

v1.1- New improved interface (easier to see the health and jet bars)
- Took away lasers from ruger and barret (feel like skin hack and n00blish)
- Included some crazy screenshots
- Took away Maps, Textures and Bots folder
- New weapon interface
- New guns
- New edited guns
- Smaller grenade
- Fixed some bugs (ex. the sound for ak74)
- Added new sounds

v1.0- Old stuff

You can download this at [URL] and then go to Donwload -> Mod and find master mod v1.1 and donwload it


Deagle - changed colour to gold
mp5 - ump
ak74 - some cool guns...
aug - m4al
spas - m3
ruger - added a string
m79 - RPG
barret - PSG-1 (i think)
m429 - para
Minigun - more high tech i guess

Screenshtos are at the taht site too...

December 24, 2002, 6:19 pm
Finally i have been waiting for like minutes.lol.Time to see if it is good.

December 24, 2002, 6:20 pm
Retribution: haha....tell me how you think

December 24, 2002, 6:23 pm
It is totally cool.I like the new weapons-gfx best.

December 24, 2002, 6:29 pm
Retribution: thanks

December 24, 2002, 6:35 pm
No prob

December 24, 2002, 7:16 pm
No1 else reply...only me and you :( how sad...

December 24, 2002, 8:23 pm
Ight im d/lin this now and Ima try it........Ill tell ya what I think in a bit......

Tie 23
December 24, 2002, 8:39 pm
What do u mean by "got rid of the folders???"

December 24, 2002, 8:42 pm
Tie 23: what?

December 24, 2002, 9:13 pm
Much better high..... I like the guns..... The reload bar is kinda hard to see, its almost all black.... and that noise of someone coughing, and someone saying "Lets go" sometimes gets annoying......... but I've been playin a lot with it and I like it.... good job

December 25, 2002, 1:08 am
-Soldier-: thanks!

December 25, 2002, 2:28 am
No problem.........

December 25, 2002, 5:55 am
dunno don't care but it look good =p

December 25, 2002, 12:58 pm
Which folder did you put that twizzler thingy in and what was it named?(This is from your old mod)

December 25, 2002, 1:48 pm
Retribution: is in the weapons-gfx folder, and thier names are...barret82m, ruger77.bmp

December 25, 2002, 1:52 pm
So the twizzler thingy is a part of the gun and if i change guns with your mod I won't have it anymore?

December 25, 2002, 1:55 pm
Retribution: yup..cause i told it away...

quote:- Took away lasers from ruger and barret (feel like skin hack and n00blish)

December 25, 2002, 2:07 pm
Ahhhhh man.I liked em.

December 26, 2002, 6:33 pm
Retribution: haha..sorry...as i said b4....i feel noobish and skin hack..

December 27, 2002, 3:04 pm
Oh well Kahuna gave me his long noob site so i don't need your weapons gfx anymore 8P

December 27, 2002, 3:32 pm
Retribution: haha n00b!

December 27, 2002, 3:44 pm
Yes i am a noob.I admit it.Atleast i was true.In a way we are all noobs.No one is perfect in playing soldat.If you were an expert you wouldn't be dieing.

December 27, 2002, 4:04 pm
Topic! Sheesh

December 27, 2002, 4:13 pm
Ooops Sorry.Just stating a fact.Anyways i geuss this topic should be locked because umm the mod maker hasn't posted in a while.

December 27, 2002, 8:37 pm
Or stop posting and let it die gracefully

December 28, 2002, 1:58 am
Retribution: i m here

Abortion: you like it...?

Y'all: peepz plz post some feedbacks...good or bad...i don't mind...

December 28, 2002, 4:13 am
Grenades need new look

December 28, 2002, 4:33 am
Retribution: what you mean...? and examples plese..

December 28, 2002, 12:49 pm
Ubbb..................... \the images of the grenades need a new look I think they are called skins.

December 28, 2002, 4:32 pm
Retribution: like what...what you want the grenades to be...

December 28, 2002, 6:55 pm
I liked the defualt ones that came with the original i.0.5b.They were like circles lol.Very realistic.

December 28, 2002, 8:30 pm
Retribution: so...this is liek the real grenade...or you never seen one before...just joking mate!

December 28, 2002, 10:12 pm
The Grenades in the mod Soldat2089 are tiight...... the mod iss at www.selfkill.de or whatever.....

December 29, 2002, 1:25 am
I have that mod.It is on the Unseen community site.Why not use those.

December 29, 2002, 2:59 pm
Retribution: sure...i guess i will then...Master MOD v1.2 will be out tomorrow!

December 29, 2002, 3:35 pm

December 29, 2002, 3:39 pm
Retribution: yep!

December 29, 2002, 7:27 pm

December 29, 2002, 9:40 pm
-Soldier-: didnt see you around here for awhile

December 29, 2002, 11:04 pm
Y'all: Master Mod v1.2 is out! grab it here, [URL]. after you install it please come back and give some feedback...you can find the list of updates at the ReadMe.txt file. Enjoy!

December 30, 2002, 1:30 am
downloading now High.....

December 30, 2002, 1:39 am
Really? .. are all these posts necessarily ... I'm turning on my pc, I'm eating a burito, I'm taking a crap in the hamper ... c'mon

December 30, 2002, 1:45 am
Abortion: what you mean? who you talking to anyway

January 2, 2003, 9:50 pm
he's talking to soilder, and he means saying 'im downloading now' is pointless


January 2, 2003, 10:15 pm
Piglet: tahnks for clarifying...