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DooM Mod released! YaY!
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Deleted User
July 19, 2004, 2:10 pm


Special thanks to damn@tion for overall help with choosing the weapons. Kazuki for making me the interface. Alamo for helping with musics and recording program. And Meandor for hosting. :D Oh yeah and frogboy for giving that cool site with the unmaker. And ninja for that picture with all random stuff.

Btw... Please post feedback.

July 19, 2004, 3:13 pm
...looks good ^^

Deleted User
July 19, 2004, 3:18 pm
Very cool, ill dl it immediatly..

July 19, 2004, 3:48 pm

July 19, 2004, 4:58 pm
verry nice i had only the beta and not the whole mod and i really have to say it is mutch better that i expected :p

July 19, 2004, 5:20 pm
YAY! The green helmet!

July 19, 2004, 5:55 pm

Deleted User
July 19, 2004, 6:14 pm
Why didn't you rename the MP5 and Ak-74?

By the way...looks great! [:)]

July 19, 2004, 6:17 pm
I dont think a weapon like this was in Doom. MP5 could be called SMG though... And AK... Sub Machine Gun:D

July 19, 2004, 6:33 pm
very nice mod.... missing word

Deleted User
July 19, 2004, 6:42 pm
Erm.. I think the weapons are renamed on the version that is available for d/l. Ak-74 is machinegun (from doom alpha version) and mp5 is mini plasmagun (made up).

July 19, 2004, 8:25 pm
Yay! It's finally out! ^^ Check out the green M79 bullets. Kick-ass! Great job, Ville, and thanks for the credit. :) Good luck with your next mod.

July 19, 2004, 8:45 pm
quote:Originally posted by totalcommander
very nice mod.... missing word

great job, perfect, keep up the good work ??? :p

July 19, 2004, 9:20 pm
maaan this mod pwnz!!! good job! ;D

July 19, 2004, 9:38 pm
alamo gonna love this?

Deleted User
July 19, 2004, 9:45 pm
Thanks everyone. And btw stalky... I can't wait for your new mod. :P

July 19, 2004, 10:11 pm
me gets horny ^^

Teh Panda
July 20, 2004, 12:26 am
Nice but... erm... something is missing, and i dunno what. But its GOOOOD!

July 20, 2004, 12:28 am
lol the super shotgun makes me laugh shooting out shotgun buckshot at a high velocity lol

Deleted User
July 20, 2004, 10:52 am
Lol. I know but atleast it can be considered a 'super' shotgun. :p

July 20, 2004, 12:05 pm
quote:Originally posted by sativa
me gets horny ^^

i'm not gonna talk to you anymore now :p

Hercule Poirot
July 21, 2004, 10:07 am
yeah pretty nice work ^^

July 23, 2004, 10:59 pm
very good indeed, man.great job.can you play it online?

Deleted User
July 23, 2004, 11:16 pm
Yes you can.

Deleted User
July 25, 2004, 6:29 am

July 25, 2004, 6:45 am
quote:Originally posted by Sned

nice spam

July 26, 2004, 4:07 pm
Nice one Ville ;)

July 27, 2004, 5:56 pm

July 28, 2004, 8:30 am
Haha makes me feel 7 again. Awesome job.

July 30, 2004, 5:42 pm
LOL! y u maked this mod?? because u like real doom or because doom3 is incomin'?

August 17, 2004, 9:41 pm
quote:Originally posted by juhdi91
alamo gonna love this?

alamo does love this.
he downloads it right away installs it and will never delete it again.
and he praises ville for this.
and he's late, because he was not home when the mod was released :)

EDIT: Oh my god! It's gorgeous! It rocks! And it's so DOOM! Everything ist jusssst right. I friggin love that mod. Soldat should get that as a default. It's so awesome!
Praise ville!

weee i'm mentioned in the credits!

August 18, 2004, 10:12 am
It looks good, im still thinking should i replace this with stalky's....decisions decisions decisions...

August 19, 2004, 11:34 am
BFG stands for Big Freakin' Gun right? I like the chainsaw.. Maybe I should replace it with MY chainsaw.. NAAAAH!


August 19, 2004, 3:09 pm
I hated mods until this one. Thanks alot man. Now I can finnaly see my m79 bullets :D

August 22, 2004, 1:24 am
quote:Originally posted by Droopy
BFG stands for Big Freakin' Gun right? I like the chainsaw.. Maybe I should replace it with MY chainsaw.. NAAAAH!

w00t nice one [;)]

Deleted User
August 22, 2004, 8:16 am
quote:Originally posted by Droopy
BFG stands for Big Freakin' Gun right? I like the chainsaw.. Maybe I should replace it with MY chainsaw.. NAAAAH!


You should have made the chain part yourself. Not just copy the original one and stretch it a little. And that grey thingy (not the chain part) looks a bit dumb.

August 28, 2004, 8:34 pm
what is the grenade like ?

Deleted User
August 28, 2004, 8:37 pm
Its just a grenade. Didn't really care to change it.

September 16, 2004, 5:46 pm
The gren has this cool plasma explosion now too... :)

Deleted User
December 12, 2004, 11:24 pm
That helmet looks stupid...... it looks like u have a big box on ur head..