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lock this topic for me!!!
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August 28, 2004, 8:17 am
show your support for soldat by paying for a reg key for me!!! im too poor to get one, and the setup for paypal is too complicated for me :( so could someone register for me? thanks!!!![:-tophat]

Leo Da Lunerfox
August 28, 2004, 8:20 am
I would pay for you Peemonkey

Ok Listen up ppl, show your support for Soldat by paying for TWO reg keys.

Unlucky 13
August 28, 2004, 9:05 am
And get the third one for me free with clan registering! j/k
I cant afford this myself, but when i do (i need to get my brother one too) ill give some1 the free key through a competition, otherwise, where will the free key go? or is it forth key free? i forgot[:-spin]

Social Poison
August 28, 2004, 9:12 am
too lazy to set up paypal? It's not friggin' rocket science.

August 30, 2004, 5:59 am
but i got no friggin' credit card.

August 30, 2004, 7:25 am
quote:Originally posted by peemonkey
but i got no friggin' credit card.

[quote]Quoted from the Soldat manual

This is the recommended paying option.
Registering costs US $9. Non-US currency is also accepted.
You can pay by credit card, personal check, mail, purchase order, money order, phone/fax and PayPal.
(More info here Digital Candle payment options and on the ordering page)


Recommended for european users (low cost bank transfers, german, french, spanish, italian languages available).
Registering costs 9 EURO. Non-Euro currency is also accepted.
You can pay by Credit Card, Switch/Solo, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check, Cash. If you pay by credit card you must have a non-free e-mail address (e-mails such as Hotmail are not accepted unfortunately).

August 30, 2004, 11:00 pm
Î is homosexualler

I bet Michal would even give you a reg code if you stuffed your $$$ in an envelope and sent it to him. But well you would have to ask him yourself.

August 30, 2004, 11:34 pm
ive heard people say theyve sent via mail, but didnt get a reg key. i guess im kinda over it already, cuz soldat's dying of cancer.

September 16, 2004, 8:03 am
can someone register for me to hey and wats an SS# im to poor to afford it im savin for a new car

September 16, 2004, 9:33 am
can someone please lock this topic?

September 16, 2004, 1:31 pm
or delete it