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Izone mod.
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January 4, 2003, 3:09 pm

Most of the things changed are sound files.
I haven't done the weapons properly. I'll do it all properly when the next ver comes out.

January 4, 2003, 4:19 pm
The weapons and known bugs: ( forgot half in the izone names )
Colt - That first gun you got when you were a JT. - None
Deagles - 2 pistols I forgot half the names. - graphics screwed
mp5 - smg the really crap one - None I think
Ak - assualt rifle the second best one. - None
Steyruag - Assualt rifle the best one. - None
Spas-12 - Shotgun - None
Ruger - Guass Cannon - None
M79 - Law or grenade launcher dunno - None
Barret - Particle Accelerator (my fav) - None
M429 thingy ( u know what i mean ) - MG - Need to update graphics
Minigun - CAW - need to update graphics

Forgive me for no screen shots no point at this very time.
If you wana do the graphics email me.

January 4, 2003, 8:30 pm
Dragnet12: is cool...great mod...all the guns are like black and grey...is this like a theme or something

January 4, 2003, 8:40 pm
Dragnet12: btw the link doesnt work...you have to go to http://members.lycos.co.uk/s01d47/ ....then download it from there...just letting you know

January 4, 2003, 9:37 pm
thx dude.
About the weapons, I can't be bothered at the moment.

January 4, 2003, 11:17 pm
Dragnet12: a interface with it would be good too...=)

Deleted User
January 5, 2003, 10:29 am
I cant find it!!! It will not download! Can you e-mail it to me on ole_marius88@hotmail.com .

January 5, 2003, 3:52 pm
-b- rariuz: did you follow my instructions....quote:you have to go to http://members.lycos.co.uk/s01d47/ ....then click on izonemod.rar and download it from there


January 5, 2003, 6:00 pm
Its down at the moment.

January 5, 2003, 6:15 pm
Dragnet12: ya...thats what i thought too

January 5, 2003, 6:45 pm
w00t an infantry mod!

January 5, 2003, 7:03 pm
Dragnet12: are you working on the interface?

January 5, 2003, 8:15 pm
might aswell or do you wana do it or something?

January 5, 2003, 8:19 pm
change to zip and upload to forums...ur host seems unreliable.

January 5, 2003, 8:19 pm
Dragnet12: me suck at modding...=P...since you are on a roll...might as well do the interface too =)

January 6, 2003, 12:41 pm
K I'll find better host. BTW it is about 6mb i'll limit down on the sounds.

January 6, 2003, 4:46 pm
Something I been doing. Haven't done the Reload bar yet.
On the first one barret on back and colt in my hand with armor to the left and health to the left.
Download Attachment: [IMAGE] screenshot13.JPG56.39 KB

This one is me with my M79.
Download Attachment: [IMAGE] screenshot14.JPG62.42 KB

January 6, 2003, 7:49 pm
the HUD is excellent!
so good.
can you put some screenshots of weapon interface before i go and download it?

January 6, 2003, 9:28 pm
Dragnet12: sweet!

January 7, 2003, 2:10 pm
Here is a demo with a few things in there :D
I havent done the weapon HUD and the berserker kit.
Plz comment on the base of the bars cause I don't know if it looks ok.
go there to get it >> http://www.soldat-center.vze.com/ << works this time :D

January 7, 2003, 2:22 pm
Comment on the HUD again its changed. And that is the updated M79 when its rgy to fire it goes red from blue :D

Download Attachment: [IMAGE] screenshot4.JPG47.89 KB

Deleted User
January 7, 2003, 3:12 pm
High: I actually did follow your instruciones

January 7, 2003, 9:23 pm
-b- rariuz: okay...nvm then....just go to here and get the demo http://www.soldat-center.vze.com/

January 7, 2003, 11:43 pm
O_o maybe more ctf sounds :) i like ctf...ctf is good...reminds me of the good 'ol days of infantry...

January 8, 2003, 1:08 am
Psyl3ntShad0w: too bad infantry was now a p2p games...it was good while it lasted...

January 9, 2003, 3:01 am
Keep up the good work!

January 9, 2003, 6:41 pm
Isn't finished yet also I got no weapons that are from infantry (because they were the same gun whatever you chose) to base my textures on so I get to make them up :/

January 9, 2003, 9:20 pm
there are lots of guns in infantry....

January 10, 2003, 10:02 pm
But the gun graphics are all the same. ( The gun you hold )

January 10, 2003, 10:22 pm
Dragnet12: ooo...ya...i guess so...