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Stereo Interface
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September 21, 2004, 8:30 pm
I was bored and made this, Its a registered interface.



Teh Panda
September 21, 2004, 8:38 pm
LoL again that bullet [:D] btw: i dont like it... (meh baaaaaaaaad)

Deleted User
September 21, 2004, 8:38 pm
Takes up too much space and i don't like the color scheme. I don't like it. :|

September 21, 2004, 8:47 pm
It's pretty stylish, but I just don't really like it. It's awfully bulky.

There's plenty of potential here, though. Keep at it.

September 21, 2004, 9:46 pm
You tried but failed (just kidding)
It's to big, has annoying colors and eh to big
But it seems that you can make good interfaces, you should maybe look at some games that have nice intefaces get inspired

September 22, 2004, 2:25 am
hmmm, I dont like the colours that you used, apart from that it's alright =\.

Unlucky 13
September 22, 2004, 10:26 am
Really try to use some kind of transparecy when making a registered mod. It looks nice, other than the ugly colours... erk! Oh and a tip, this wouldn't look too nice in transparent, it's trying for a 3D look.

September 22, 2004, 10:31 am
It doesn't look THAT bad, then again, I have yet to register (My birthday is soon, it's likely I will. ^_^).

September 22, 2004, 11:55 am
I have nothing to say about THIS........

September 22, 2004, 12:02 pm
then dont..

September 22, 2004, 12:49 pm
he didnt, did he? OMG im spamming [:P]

Deleted User
September 22, 2004, 3:48 pm
a bit to big but not bad

September 22, 2004, 7:52 pm
meh, i thought ud say that, oh well, it was pretty bad.

September 23, 2004, 4:18 am
its pretty cool i must admit :)
name gives me an idea for a mod

like one of those old stereos with the arm thing that swings back and forth which also gives me an idea for another cool interface lol -_-
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