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Some questions to Michal.
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November 1, 2004, 8:32 am
Some questions to Michal.
This autumn I gave myself a job: to translate
Soldat into the Russian. I considered to translate English.txt
and to change the font file, and I spent a few days on this project.
At the end, everything was done; I added the text file into Txt directory,
changed the language and the font file... But my project
succeeded only on the half: it was Okay with Menu text, and it
wasn't okay with the text in the game itself (You're killed by... etc.).
Now I offer you my translation, and I ask to remind my proposals
when you'll work on the next version of the game.
1. Could you change the charset in the game text? It is certainly
done in ANSI, so the game cannot reproduce cyrillic or any other
2. Wasn't that good, to add a special tool for national localization (some
thing like Soldat Map Maker or Soldat Interface Maker)?
3. It would be good to get an opportunity for players to choose their custom fonts
for the game.

Please, write me what you are thinking about that all.
With my respect,

November 1, 2004, 9:00 am
Cool, Good To See A Russian Translation.