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How can they be THAT bad?
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November 27, 2004, 8:59 pm
I just joined a team match server and there was: two teams already in there that had equally 4 players each. It seemed to be the start of the match and I joined a different team by myself for the challenge...

I ended up getting way ahead of them from the start, the numbers got to me and they got a few points ahead. after awhile someone joined my team and we both owned them and I had the most kills. Oh look, some guy named POWERPUFF GIRLS comes in, "LAAAAG".

Checked his ping:
Averaging around 500-1000+

Ok, I owned him for awhile and he noticed that we were on top by far so he joins our team. By the time I finish the game with 30 kills and my partner has around 15-20, he had about 7 with a load of deaths...

I wouldn't consider myself a veteran player but this seemed too easy. Anyone else had any good matches against the odds lately?