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Awesom Multi-Barrett-Kill - B2B
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December 10, 2004, 8:05 pm
Its on B2B, Laghingllamas CTF, 6 vs 6. Both Flags had been captured...I was holding mine and after waiting 5 minutes for my team to recover teh enemy flag, i got tired...

I typed /kill
Chose the barrett & law
Got to the "sniping" point, in the middle of teh map
Fired my Bazooka at random, i pwned one.
Fired my Barrett at the enemies spawning point, i got a multikill

The bullet ricocheted like 4 times on the base and got 4 enemy players to their graves.

The sad thing is that i was to far from teh enemy flag so the spawned again and got it but they where all like...

Cheater!Hax!Chit!Kick him!....