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Ruger mod => Crossbow [modern style]
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January 1, 2005, 8:46 pm
here's one of my first modes: Ruger changed for Crossbow
i hope u will like it :^)

W8ing 4 your comments!

January 1, 2005, 8:48 pm
Not bad, but a little shading would make it look more like a crossbow. Right now i wouldnt know it was a crossbow without the text.

January 1, 2005, 8:49 pm
the handle looks too gun like, and overall, kinda looks like spaz. tis all right

January 2, 2005, 9:00 am
Instead of thta been a crossbow, make it your own unique weapon and give it a new name. It looks more like a gun than a crossbow. It looks pretty kewl, just a bit more shading

Deleted User
January 2, 2005, 12:30 pm
well, its kinda funny and i like it =)

January 2, 2005, 6:26 pm
I like it lol, its very intresting.

January 2, 2005, 6:41 pm
It looks funny Zaraza, but add pls some shading. :)

The Geologist
January 2, 2005, 10:04 pm
Hell, I like the look of it...come out with another version and I'll get that one as well.


January 3, 2005, 1:51 pm
im goin 2 dl it and use it for the rambo bow

call it blasphemy, call it whatever the hell u want but i always preferred crossbows to standard bows

January 3, 2005, 1:54 pm
modern crossbows have gun handles -.-
I really like it ^^