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February 28, 2005, 11:03 am
can some plz tell me what all the options pricisely mean in the soldat config/setup application.
I have read wat Michal wrote in the manual but i dont fully understand it!!!

1. Dithering ?
2. Antialiasing ?
3. Refresh Rate ?
4. Bitrate ?
5. Texture filters ?
6. Backbuffer count ?
7. Video compatibility ?
8. Never foward clients ?

February 28, 2005, 2:44 pm
1. Dithering - tries to simulate the displaying of more colors than you actually use. i.e. with 16 bit, it SEEMS like more colors. Google will help you.
2. Antialiasing - smoothes the jaggies/edges, google for it, too
3. Refresh Rate - this only matters in fullscreen. It's the rate at which the monitor display refreshes (google..)
4. Bitrate - How many colors should Soldat use?
5. Texture filters - dunno, nothing really noticable I guess.
6. Backbuffer count - dunno either
7. Video compatibility - dunno, since I never had to use it.
8. Never foward clients - if you have a firewall with open ports check this, so that clients don't have to override the firewall through the lobby server.

You can google for the first things or even look up the articles at www.wikipedia.org for more detailed explainations.