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March 17, 2005, 6:53 pm
hmm, i think im going to turn this into dramatic style story..

It was a dry day, during a capture the flag battle at vietnam. It was hecitc, people dying all around. The noise. It was horrific. People screaming, bombs, gun shots, madness.. I finaly managed to escape from my base un hurt, flying across the steep hill. I saw two of the enemys aproaching, i only had a m79 and a knife. I fired the m79, smashing into the body of one, the other must of liked his company. He started shooting at me with his Ak, bullets flying everywhere, doging them at every chance, whilst throwing 2 nades, both hit, and kill. By this time im low on health, and on the peak or the hill. Too far to go back, i decide to carry on. While flying down the steep, i see two enemys, once again, with a drop between them both. I started to fall, shooting my m79 with high hopes, luckily an instant kill. Within a second of that happening, still hovering above the huge gap, knife out of my belt and thrown. I threw it to the best of my ability, trying to be precise but quick, i didnt have any health to spare.. My knife pierced through their skin, watching him colapse to the ground with a blood drained body. I turn around with joy on my face, maniging to pull of that spectacular double kill, only to notice a camper. I could do nothing. My jets dyed out and i was left on the ground. *bang*. Thats all i heard. Even though me dieing, my team Alpha still won, 5-0.

Anyone else have any knife storys? mine was pure luck though, im pretty bad with knife and i think i would never be able to pull that off again. DAMNIT! why wasent i recording!?!?!?! gaaahhh

March 17, 2005, 7:02 pm
oh yeah, and i hope you know the bit im tlakin about, heres a diagram..


The Geologist
March 17, 2005, 7:20 pm
Nice story, definately makes for a fun game...edit your posts next time.

March 17, 2005, 9:24 pm
Okay, Corporal, and Commander(I just enjoy calling people by their rank, sorry. Tell me if this offends you, anybody.) here's my knife story: After watching "Knife-a-holic" and "I like knife", I decided to try out the knife schtick. So, I log on to a deathmatch in Flashback, I equip the standard HK-MP5, and the combat knife. There's a grenade! I jump through, with only minor "decorative" injuries(I was bleeding a little bit). A guy comes at me with the socom, i punch it out of his hands, and unload 6 shots into him. He dies, and there's another guy with a law! I jet over it, unload the remaining 24 shots, he dies. He rolled a lot, so that explains the wasted clip. A third guy shows up,and I whip out the knife, and hurl it. It misses horribly. Thinking quickly, I pick up the Socom from kill #1 and unload it into the last guy, killing him, but not before getting a barret shot into my head. It flies across the screen. So, in conclusion, I am a horrible knifer. This was a multi-kill.