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Updated Zero72 Bot Pack - Now 25 Bots (Broken)
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March 18, 2005, 10:02 pm

Bob: From Reboot. Skilled.
Cats: All your base are belong to him. You have no chance to survive make your time.
CJ: From GTA: San Andreas. Skilled.
Claude: From GTA 3. Skilled.
Dot: See Bob.
Dr. Evil: From Austin Powers series. Not much of a shot, but still deadly.
Dummy: Gray, inert, fun.
Hitler: Aim is nearly nonexistant, and speaks in Babel Fish German.
Housemaster: From Arfenhouse. Knife-bot, bad with a firearm.
Lance Vance: From GTA: Vice City. Bad.
Marco: From Metal Slug series. Skilled.
Matrix: See Bob, Dot.
Mr. T: Ah pity the foo, drink yo milk, so-on. Skilled.
Munkee Clone: An alien clone of Munkee. Chainsaw zombie.
Osama bin Laden: Inept.
Pikkul Clone: An alien clone of Pikkul. Unarmed zombie.
Pinky: Experiment gone horribly awry. Deadly.
Ray Dethlok: Long story. Deadly.
Robo Munkee: Old, robot copy of Munkee. Reasonably skilled.
Shadow Zombie: Solid black, unarmed zombie.
Tarma: See Marco.
The Postal Dude: From the Postal series. Skilled.
Tommy: From GTA: Vice City. Skilled.
Zero Clone: An alien clone of yours truly. Knife zombie.
Zero72: Much more convincing clone of myself, created for the Member Bots pack. Skilled.

Get: http://bistec.ath.cx/Zero72BotPack.zip

Edit: I didn't think anybody would mind a thread bump in such an inactive forum... But anyway, the download is messed up as of now. I'll finally have my own webspace to spare within a couple of weeks, so I'll update this whenever I get it online again.

March 19, 2005, 6:30 am
Hmm... Let's have a look.

March 19, 2005, 3:57 pm
lance vance is from vice city, and the gtaIII dude is called claude. I dont have time to check now, but i will prolly tomorrow

March 21, 2005, 2:29 am
Oops, of course Lance is from VC. That was stricly a typo. I'll fix it.

Deleted User
March 21, 2005, 2:57 pm
Sounds fun ! Ill test it too ^_^

March 25, 2005, 5:59 am
Let me test it too^^

March 26, 2005, 4:10 am
Lots of testing and not much in the way of feedback, yes? =P

Deleted User
March 28, 2005, 11:31 pm
lol....Sombody had to much time on their hands :p Sounds interesting...

March 29, 2005, 3:24 am
Definitely. =P

March 29, 2005, 11:34 am
You can't beat me.

Yello Mit
April 5, 2005, 2:39 pm
Heh, Osama is funny. :P

May 17, 2005, 3:28 pm
Osama is a [:-censored]

May 17, 2005, 7:11 pm
He's a little of both. =P Funny for a bit, but gets annoying after a time.

June 14, 2005, 9:14 pm
Where do you have to save them in order to have them in-game?

Btw, sorry for reviving an old thread, I didn't want to start a new one.

June 14, 2005, 9:21 pm
Drive:\Wherever Soldat is\Soldat\Bots.

Incidentally, I may be updating this pack soon with a few more.

June 14, 2005, 10:01 pm
Thank you, it worked. I'll go check them out.

June 15, 2005, 1:43 pm
Ah I love Osama. An Hitler with his long lines of jibberish.

I made a norwegian 1337 bot. 0)_0)

It's creepy to hear norwegian gibberish.

June 15, 2005, 6:46 pm
I hardly remember any of what Hitler's actually saying, but I do remember "poop head" being used somewhere.

The Certified Psychopath
July 3, 2005, 1:56 pm
Link doesn't work.

July 11, 2005, 1:45 am
Crud. I'll get it fixed ASAP.

Edit: Fixed.

Deleted User
August 14, 2005, 7:37 pm
I love those bots. Nice work keep it up :p