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.....memories of a soldat EP. 1-2 (Hawkeye)
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Deleted User
March 20, 2005, 1:15 am
I was playing Soldat on a CTF server tonight and had some of teh best fights I've ever seen ^_^ So:

Spawned on blue team on ctf_Vietnam. Went dashing over with a m79 + knife topside, ended up eating the bullets of every red trooper ALIVE. About 5 people shooting at me at the same time with automatic weps, didn't stand a chance. After a while of getting nowhere, I spawned with the same weapons. nade jump over the top, start throwing grenades everywhere. Somehow ended up losing my m79. Changed to knife and took out somebody pointing a Styur at my face. Grabbed teh flag and started back up the hill--realized I didn?t have a gun to my name and all of red team had died in the attack? erp. I was being chased by somebody with a shotgun, but somehow I kept above his shots. Meet a hk-er off of the redside dropoff, went prone and started jetting. Somehow he missed and I landed in the blue flag. w00t

ctf_B2B: Spawn with Barret and knife--took up a camping position in the blue team base. After some uneventful snipes, take a blind shot across the arena. Somehow I manage to hit somebody in the VERY CENTER of the map, taking his head off and sending it bouncing down the hole. Totally awesome.

Different server, this time a Knife-only DM server. Spawned in the middle of the action carrying only a knife (duh) Throw my knife, take out a soldier--rolled to avoid the trooper who was hell-bent on removing my head. Picked up the knife I just threw and made aquintices with his guts (stabby stabby), then threw it at an unlucky just-respawned Soldier. All the time bullettime is running :o

After a while, I changed servers to a ctf_Voland server. Spawned on red, took a shotgun + knife and jumped right into the action. Get a faceful of lead for my troubles. Respawn with hk, fending off maurding reds, etc. etc. all this for a while. Then I take the low road underneath the spike bridge, tossing a grenade on the way. Blasted out the other end with a vengance and a Minimi to match--some other red got the flag and was running it to base when he took a nade from the center area. Too bad.

Took a FN Minimi and a knife and took the little known road through the top area, on the roof, and into the blue spawn area. Got a triple kill with teh help of some nades and some bang-bang, grabbed the flag, took a nade jump dash back to base, knifing the blue offender trying to make off with the red flag at the same time. :o Only, I didn't stop to grab the flag and the red trooper heading that way got smashed with a LAW rocket. Did a little dance waiting for the flag until it was returned and then I SCORED!!!

Then I quit to post this, a LETTER FROM THE FRONT!!! ;)

EDIT 2005-03-21: changed topic title to suit Syrivin :) Thinking about it, it *was* sorta a rip off of the topics back on the 2nd page or so, people might think this was by teh same person. Also, I fixed (way) too many misspellings/grammatical errors--I was typing that under some pressure :P

Episode 2: (added 2005-03-21)
Well, I haven't been able to play recently (school and all of that) so I guess I'll regale you with some past soldat experiences.

CTF again (this was about 3 weeks ago) on ctf_Voland. Saw that teams were 2 vs 1 (favoring red) so I spawned on blue. Grabbed my usual m79 + knife and ran into a hail of bullets from a purple pants wearing trooper. ID was (some clanname then) Ana. She (I guess) was jetting up to blue base clinging to the ceiling, I took a shot with my m79 but only suceeded in bringing her within a few paces of my vitals. A few shots with her Styur and I was nothing more than raw hamburger. She and Glacier had some nasty teamwork going on--one of them would grab the flag and head to redbase, the other would camp next to the flag somewhere holding us off until the other got back and then would repeat it. When I came in blue was trailing something like 3-7 :P

After some embarassing moments where I tried every conceivable weapon combination, I finally decided to break my rule and use a minigun :P Andddd... it worked! :o Red team was getting too close to the flag--all I had to do was start firing. Made a nasty comment about "must hurt to be pwned with a minigun, eh?" which I shouldn't have made. Blue team ended up loseing, but the final score was 12-7 or so ^_^

Ok, what other memories do I have floating around... <.< Oh yeah, teh coolest sucide possible! (other than the double sucide that Sniph did)

On inf_Warehouse, blue team, AND back when you could snipe with accuracy (the pink effect hadn't been introduced yet) I had my (then) favorite--Barret and Chainsaw. Red team mounts a biggg assault topside with a firestorm of bullets--I take out somebody or another with my Barret (can't remember who with what, it was a longgg time ago) Somebody makes off with the flag and heads low--my barret was still cooling down so I take a last-ditch shot with two grenades down the hole. They bounce down right to when the tunnel narrows down to where it's a soldat high. I say to myself, well maybe I can jet over it--so I tried it. Only problem is, red guy had a m79. He fired but missed?however, the shockwave from the m79 set off my grenades and blew me to smoking shreds. So ?YOU KILLED YOURSELF? and I?m stuck in the ceiling of the mouth of the tunnel, bleeding all over the place :P Best suicide I?ve ever had?

?suicide is painless? :^H

March 20, 2005, 2:18 am
For your first post this is very good.
Made me want to keep reading,I love how you inserted random subtle humour.
What server is this,maybe I'll play with you ;)

Svirin Kerath
March 20, 2005, 2:33 am
not bad. but would you please at east call it "Episode 3" or "Memory of a soldat (Hawkeye)"? so you're not, y'know... ripping off other people who happened to be doing this first?

Deleted User
March 22, 2005, 1:53 pm
Thanks for the comments, guys! I hadn't posted over the last couple of days because I've been bloody busy, but I managed to get in a update this morning. Topic title changed, also :)

I bounce around servers quite frequeently, but my favorite CTF server if the one witt the, uhm, symbols in it... so like {}|$}CTF (clanname) or something like that... It stands out :) INF, I play on the selfkill server, or on Llama server (when it's up), or some clan server.. Depends on where theres a slot for me to play on :)

March 22, 2005, 9:24 pm
That are some nice storys, i dont have to post my storys here...
Thats not teh topic ^^