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waypoint options
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March 22, 2005, 4:02 am
how about when you select a waypoint that has the command like "stop and camp" then you can select which weapon(s) that a bot only stop and camps there.


1 bot has barret and 1 has AK. bot with barret comes to the waypoint that is "stop and camp" and the waypoint also has the command "barret" which means bots with barrets stop and camp there only. next bot comes up (the one with the AK) and hits that waypoint and they keep moving on because the only bot that has barret will stop and camp and not the AK. also multiple weapons could be selected for that waypoint such as "stop and camp" command works only for selected weapons: barret, ruger, and minimi. this would give bots better stategy and at least a little bit more of a challenge. this command would also only work for ctf team waypoints too as if: path 1 "stop and camp" weapon: barret, would only work for red team bots with barret and not blue team bots that are using the path 1 (red team path) once capturing the red flag.

Keron Cyst
March 22, 2005, 8:37 pm
Me likey. IMO, all waypoint commands in general should be more specific to weapons, unless Lapis_Lazuli's thoughts on a new waypoint system is used.

March 25, 2005, 1:10 pm
Yeah, it can be a good idea for strategies games.

March 25, 2005, 1:13 pm
Hell yes. This would be great, and it fits into the game. ;)

Deleted User
July 31, 2005, 5:26 pm
i have an idea fer map makers in the future:when waypointing, have a subprogram that runs a test.i.e. the bots are spawned and try to run the waypoints, its a great way to test them instead of opening the game and playing it, findng a problem then going back to the mapmaker to fix it, it can take a long while