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I must've been high
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April 7, 2005, 12:19 am
Ok, the map was ctf_Kampf in a large server with about 24 people.

I was on Alpha.

So, i want to the top with a Barret and Knife. So did this other guy with the same weapon combo.

We ran into this one sniper ). He was crouched and rdy to take a shot. Too late, we were moving so fast, the other guy hopped over him and i ran right into him. He shot, nothing happened. I shot, nothing happened (becuz we were ontop of each other)

The other Alpha guy shot with barret but hit me instead. The Bravo guy, stood up, still with the barret watching us move about like idiot monkeys. Me, and the other guy had our knives. The other guy threw it, and missed.

I ran into the bravo guy with the knife but ran too far and ended up throwing my knife past him. I picked up my knife, flew up, threw it again.... and missed again, right to the left of him. The other guy had his knife. I picked my knife up again and overthrew it. The other Alpha guy threw his knife, missed. Finally, the other Alpha guy killed him.

The Bravo dude just stood there during all of this. He was traying to take a shot but....

We both were killed by campers at the end...

April 7, 2005, 12:21 am
lol Barrets...lol

April 7, 2005, 12:22 am
lol Spam....lol

April 7, 2005, 12:39 am
lol 10 posts...lol

April 7, 2005, 12:46 am
Guys stop spamming,now.
and loserisme,you must have just been having a bad day.
Or drunk.Very drunk.

Deleted User
April 7, 2005, 2:52 am
AHAHAHA that was a good story. Hehehe idiot monkeys. Stoned Soldaters are always a ton of fun too.

April 7, 2005, 3:38 pm
battles like that are always fun... despratly trying to get your shot in and dodging his...

Deleted User
April 7, 2005, 4:43 pm
heheh.. sounds cool

April 7, 2005, 6:43 pm
hehehe.. I can't think of anything to post..