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Missing land textures. See the screencap: Thread2!
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April 21, 2005, 1:26 pm
Following on from '[URL]' quote:Lapis_Lazuli Help Forum Moderator Posted - 19 Apr 2005:
This happens because of a change in Nvidia's driver set. Its not a problem with Soldat.

Since the problem has been solved here, elsewhere, and in the FAQ, topic locked.
I don't think this counts as "solved". Naturally as time progresses, more people will be upgrading their drivers to play other games. If Soldat cannot run on up to date nvidia drivers then the number of gamers with this problem is going to increase over time. Also: quote:wacko101:
STEP 1 - Download an older graphic drver like 53.04....install that(now soldat will work fine but e.g condition zero won't work as good
STEP 2 - Download the latest driver for ur gforce card like 66.93
STEP 3 - Enjoy both games at peek performance without having soldat looking like the pic above I'm glad wacko managed to wrangle some decent results, but this fix doesn't work for me, downloading and installing new drivers over the top of old drivers is exactly what caused this issue in the first place (beside the fact that step 3 only suggest we download the drivers, no mention of installing them).

Surely there's a better fix. and if there isn't - yet - the least that could have been done is to keep the original thread open so we could continue trying to find a decent solution. By the sounds of it there were a number of people experiencing the issue so why not take advantage of the community to try and get a better answer?

Like I said first, this problem is only going to occur more and more until it is addressed, I know i'd like to keep trying to get soldat running without restriking my ability to play other games. Who's with me?

i am ahab
April 22, 2005, 10:51 am
yes matey im with you. like i said;
quote: Time to make like the asda advert and rollback... but is this not a potentially nasty problem when ppl all go upgrading to the newest drivers?

which allow me to clarify for the benfit of our younger audience:
when you get your nice new shiny version of counterstike 10 that needs directX 9.0 Z and you duly upgrade your nvidia cards drivers as suggested by the game disc installer, because, to be fair - you have just spent 35 shiny sterling pounds or 50 euros or whatever inflated price. and you feel the need to justify your purchase by gutting the structure of your pc drivers that has worked so well up till now, because, one updated driver will often run amock switching settings as it pleases which is the equivalent to a 3 year old running round with a big stick taking swipes at poor old pensioner mr windows xp's frail legs and knocking his zimmoframe out from under him causing your screen to come back all black and fuzzy upon next reboot, or things to go all flowery and purple, or poor old soldat that still uses directX 8 and all of a sudden cant find its needed dll as a certain nvidia driver runs cackling off into the sunset ripping DLLs out from where ever it decides....

so as you can guess i dont feel strongly about this. not a bit of it. i just honestly dont see why backwards compatability is such an issue for such things.....

or i guess we could all boycott and go with ati?!

until the lateset hydravision and catalyst drivers go the same way i guess....

so yeah i agree. this points to the fact that potentially in the future unless we dont want to play any other games then soldat is going to need to be made compatible with new driversets. which sucks for michael :(