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[moved] Worlds Funniest Soldat Moments
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April 25, 2005, 1:39 am
List some of your favorite/funniest soldat related moments.

Here's mine: Once, I saw a ladybug on the screen and I tried to click it to kill it. Then reality sank in and I laughed my ass off and killed the bug.

April 25, 2005, 2:31 am
I was on Teamspeak with a few friends, and my Mom just got home. Well, I told my friends not to curse, but then I killed one of my buddys, and he said, "Oh my god you f*cking n*gger!"

Not the funniest, but my Mom laughed when she heard it.

April 25, 2005, 7:16 am
shouldnt this be in the soldat moments section?

April 25, 2005, 7:34 am
When Chakra, shyo and I were playing Soldat with TeamSpeak on, and Chakra said he was going to beat shyo the next round. Shyo won by a few kills, and Chakra screamed out "MOTHER [IMAGE]ER!"

April 25, 2005, 8:08 am
when i and hitman had sex on irc. go find the logs :D

also i had a minigun duel with someone i know, but forgot who...anyway, we managed to kill about 3 people on eachother's teams each, but didnt scratch eachother XD

Green Barret
April 25, 2005, 8:19 am
lol. ladybug... XD

Mine was when our team had gotten the enemy flag with much difficulty(the enemy team was really skilled) and I, the flag carrier, ran out of jet and dropped down the middle pit in ctf_equinox. My whole team swearing at me while the enemy team was laughing their head off.

April 26, 2005, 3:09 pm
My funniest Soldat moment was when I was playing CTF (I think the map was CTF Run). Anyway, I was using a HK at one of my teamates (but I was shooting him and he wasn't dieing). So I call him a cheat then he just tells me that I'm a *D*umb Nut* and then I just had a cracking and took that chance to realise my lvl of IQ... Maybe I need glasses...

April 26, 2005, 10:52 pm
I was playing CTF_Laos once and after surviving an onslaught of attackers trying to get back their flag that I was holding, I noticed one who was still alive but not moving. So I switched to my m79 jumped over to shoot him but clicked too early and blew myself up on the sandbags at the top of the red spawn point, hurling my flag directly at him so that, even though he was probably just trying to click the exit button, he returned his flag and I lost a point to someone that wasn't even playing.

April 27, 2005, 12:51 pm

the time when i blew up a guy with law, and corpse humped his head by repeatedly pressing S

Deleted User
April 27, 2005, 2:18 pm
I was playin' against Dark Stranger I think it was, and anyways, we kept on simultaneously killing eachother with the barret. It was freakin' hilarious. I think we shot eachother at the same time about 4 times. Every time it happened I just kept laughing harder and harder

April 27, 2005, 6:00 pm
Hahahaha yeah happened to me with S4R in a little m79 duel lol. So funny.

I often make everyone laugh in my team when i have the flag(or not) and just miss an M79 jump in front of everyone. (resulting in an horrible suicide)

Or when i rush enemy base to get our flag, nade spam, and I just get pwned by my nade like.. 30% of the time! So the other team laugh at me.

Azn Assassin
May 1, 2005, 3:57 am
I was in a CTF game and I encountered this enemy with a M79. I had one also. I guess we both panicked after we ran through eachother so we turned around and accidently fired at the ground at the same exact time. We both blew up. It was embarrassing. What a noob....

Trooper FIN
May 8, 2005, 8:06 am
My funniest\best moment on Soldat was: it was in arena map, and it was a teammach.I was in Bravo.
I respawed (bad english...) to the usual place, (In the "hill") and a Alpha team member was coming to the "hill". When he gets to the hill, i Throwed a grenade down the "hill" but he jumped over it, and my teammate callet "Hevimies" shoot that uckly M*th*r F*ck*r bottom of the "hill" whit spas.
And then when the alpha member falled on the bottom of the hill, he hit my grenade and bounce tho the skye, whit low energy and when he was in mid-air, i just shotted him whit my spas, and his dead "body" falled in the floor.

Little cool to me...

May 8, 2005, 9:30 am
another one...

i was in a TM whit someone, cant remeber who. anyway i had the AK and knife and i was goin to kill him by throwing the knife. he had m79. so i press throw and discover that i was holding my AK. he blasted my AK far, far away, so i thought "hell" and pulled out my knife. he blasts the m79 at me again, but it misses and goes behind, blowing me forward in a prone dive and making me spear him through the groin with a knife.

you'll be pleased to know i found my AK after that.

Deleted User
May 8, 2005, 5:34 pm
I was playing CTF on crashed and I was in that tunnel between the red and blue base (near the destroyed bridge) and then 4 reds charged down the tunnel towards me. So i pulled out my chainsaw and instant multikill :). ha, all of them were like "WTF?!"

May 8, 2005, 7:41 pm
ive had numerous times where i thought i had my knife out but instead i had my deagles and i threw them instead. one match i went with only my one knife. :p

i remember the frist time i played soldat online i was playing some ctf game. the first thing i see is some dude flying a turret. i thought it was the funniest thing ever at the time.

but i think the funniest thing that ever happened to me while playing soldat happened quite recently. i was playing the mecha soldat mod, a rambo match on some created level, its sorta like a city. anyway, there werent any waypoints for the map so the bots were incredebly stupid. i saw a bunch standing in a corner up against a building. i picked up some cluster nades and threw one directly at the bunch. one of the dudes just got blown a couple feet away and the other shot straight up like an law rocket. he didnt come down for a while. i was laughing my ass off.

May 8, 2005, 8:01 pm
Well, this moment wasn't dumb, but it was kinda hilarious. It was back in 1.1.5, me and BeTeL(might have been him, not sure. We we're together in TRA) we're on the blue side of the base (where the ffc usually hide themselves). I don't remember what we we're doing there, but I think we poly abused (This was quite common in 1.1.5). I noticed the killlog - someone got killed by a barreter. Next thing we noticed was that the barreter victims head flew 500km/h against the wall *SMACK*, a blood trail following it and the head screaming "ING BARRETARD". Then BeTeL said: "I think we found your head <name>..."

Mini Man
May 8, 2005, 8:08 pm
My Funniest Moment :

I was playing Ctf_Voland back in 2003, with Xyrus, and in the middle where all the routes connect, we were shooting each other, i was on the bridge i shot my law at him, missed and we continued to shoot at each other when i suddenly explode and i look to see how, and i find out that i selfkilled myself, with a law :) I was laughing for ages.

May 9, 2005, 10:42 am
I was in ctf laos and I was firing at the enemy guy with a Barret, and there where people behind both of us. We both died at the same time and the bullets from our barrets hit the people behind us. lol

Deleted User
May 10, 2005, 3:50 am
HAHA ladybug

offtopic: i tried to point at something on someone elses computer at school right next to me by moving my mouse trying to get the cursor to the other screen. then once again reality set in

ontopic: me and Kazuo were kniving and we actually killed each other 9 times at the exact time

Deleted User
May 15, 2005, 11:01 pm
Back when I thought the LAW was a battering ram (har har!), in my first online game, I saw LAW missiles flying everywhere and, not knowing what they were, screamed "CHEATER CHEATER!!!"

I was immediately laughed at and banned.
I am still banned from that server to this day.

May 16, 2005, 5:21 pm
Once I got killed carying a flag, I didn't wanted that to happen so I typed Ctrl + Z thinking that I could undo that...