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May 14, 2005, 12:30 pm
Multiple images of the interface modafication;
The real thing is more transparent.

I use this interface so I can get rid of all the unnecessary labels and numbers. It has easy to see colours that represent the health, ammo etc.
The ping dot is now a square, and the flags are squares too. I find I don't get distracted by any imperfections this way.

I find it very affective, but everyone else will have to find out for themselves.


May 14, 2005, 12:44 pm
ho .............. it's special ..................... I prefer the bunnyInterface :D

Deleted User
May 14, 2005, 1:07 pm
too... square for me. ehe but looks kinda nice anyways

May 14, 2005, 1:22 pm
abit too square, plus im not registered. i'll stick with my killzone interface for now

Deleted User
May 14, 2005, 3:40 pm
Looks like it came from the sixties.

Deleted User
May 15, 2005, 3:06 am
registered or unregistered?

May 15, 2005, 3:16 am

Deleted User
May 16, 2005, 12:20 pm
nice :D *d\l*

May 17, 2005, 11:01 pm
That's actually pretty dang-nice looking.

Good job.