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May 17, 2005, 3:39 pm
Which do you like the best? Berserker, Predator or Flame God mode?
...I like Berserker mode because with the ruger you can smash your enemies...

(double post joined by b00stA)

I thank b00stA for joining the double post...

May 17, 2005, 3:44 pm
I like the mode where people don't double post...
and rage mode... ragge... Ragee.. RAGE

May 17, 2005, 6:56 pm
Haven't played with those modes for ages :o
Predator is pretty cool, cuz no1 hears u shoting >:)

May 18, 2005, 2:49 pm
i luv teh flame god.

Deleted User
May 18, 2005, 4:12 pm
I use to hate predator but its growing on me now :p

May 18, 2005, 4:26 pm
I like the pretador mode best.Get the sniper and hunt down the enemy...

May 18, 2005, 5:27 pm
I really don't like predator mode, because I'm always shooting and flying, so I become a ghost and then I get killed. Because I'm always shooting, Berserker mode helps me a lot because I use mostly the Deagles and people die from a couple of my shots. I also like to see heads flying around with tons of blood xD...

May 18, 2005, 7:23 pm
Berseker + soccom = total pwning! Mwhahahaha

May 21, 2005, 9:40 am
Predator + knife & enemy's base = WIN

May 21, 2005, 9:43 am
quote:Originally posted by Judge_ManBerseker + soccom = total pwning! Mwhahahaha

predator is cool when you have m79 and find a camper, stand next to them for 10 seconds till you get visible, and they're like "what the hell are you" and you're "I am the law" *boom* (Please refrain from swearing) slut ass

May 21, 2005, 12:31 pm
Yeah also berseker is good..