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Deleted User
May 27, 2005, 2:08 am
What is this error?

Click and hit "Open with default application"

I have been getting it alot lately and its getting REALY annoying. Somtimes multiple ones will pop up as fast as 1/2 a second apart.

If you have any solution it would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance

May 27, 2005, 9:12 am
READ: Common Bugs, Problems, Questions etc list

Access Violation

Although in version 1.2 this problem was supposed to be fixed, it still occurs now and then. The error message commonly being:

'Access Violation at address 0055411E in module 'Soldat.exe', Read of address 0000000000'

It's been reported that it happens more frequently during viewing of Demos. To solve this problem do the following:1. Never cheat, or attempt to cheat - It's the most common cause of this problem
2. Do not use 'Reg Cracks' On Soldat
3. Uninstall soldat
4. Delete the Soldat folder
5. Restart Your Computer
6. Install soldat 1.2.1
7. a) For Windows NT/2000/XP: Delete the file cmodule.dll in the 'windows\system32' folder*
b) For Windows 95/98/ME: Delete the file cmodule.dll in the 'windows\system' folder*
8. Delete the file dxlog.chk in the 'windows' folder** If you do not see these files do the following:

Open My Computer, go to Tools > Folder options > View, enable 'Show hidden files and folders', click 'Apply to all folders', Yes and then Ok

If those files are on your system, you'll be able to find and delete them now. However, if you don't have them, then steps 1 #8211; 7 should have fixed the problem.

May 27, 2005, 10:10 am
what do those files do? are they in anyway necessary to windows?

May 27, 2005, 6:48 pm
Those are safe to delete, since nobody has ever had any problems as far as I know.