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liquidis x snake challenges YOU! (updated)
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liquidis x snake
February 6, 2003, 3:06 am
Ah, yes. Soldat. The holy game we have all learned to love. Yet with the new version out, it seems that my Soldat days may be limited for I am a 1.0.5b follower... but then again... i've learned to love 1.1.1 eheheh. Anyway, back to the topic... since there aren't any damn servers in the Lobby anymore (for 1.0.5b, at least)... i have come to issue a challenge to anyone and everyone for a one-on-one battle. I think i am one of the most elite soldat players ever to grace the game, and i have yet to be proven wrong. Heres your chance, however! If you wish to challenge me (to make it fair, each person will host one game, map of their choice) you can contact me with the following:

AOL Instant Messenger: MR NYQUIL 626
E-Mail: liquidisxsnake@charter.net
Private Message Soldat Forums: liquidis x snake
MSN Messenger: liquidisxsnake@charter.net

Oh and by the way, my Soldat name is -[DHA]- gadouken, not
liquidis x snake as some people thought I would be.

I look forward to challenging the Avid Soldat followers.[:-hspin]
good day.