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Soldat Forums - Soldat Interface Mods & Mod Making - Show off your partially 1337 mods!
July 2, 2005, 3:07 pm
First of all, this forum is for NEW mods only. Help requests go to the general one.

Works in progress can be posted here, as long as you have a decent screenshot.

Golden rule (you should know, valid for all the forums): don't spam, flame or revive old threads for no reason.
If someone breaks a rule, it's not needed that more than 1 person reminds him how to behave correctly. It counts as spam.

Of course, stolen/ripped/edited mods aren't allowed.
You can rip and edit, as long as you don't claim as your work some images you found on google and/or resized, give credit to their original author/source.
If you want to edit a mod of another member of the community ask for his permission.

Possibly, list what the mod does change.