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2 things:
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The @venger
July 7, 2005, 9:34 pm
just now i was playing on this server, it was a ctf, realistic, advance server, and 2 things happended:

1st thing: both the teams had each others flag, and the situation was kinda stuck, but then i bashed through the whole team with some weapon (does not matter coz im kinda adept to all of em)
and killed the EFC, and then i waited behind the spawn point, behind some scenery, till they all ran away...
and then i went for the flag.
Just to find out that some guy from our team had been holding em back, so i came into a full 5 of very aware enemies, and was brutally murdered. the end....

2nd thing: i was running for the enemy base, and met this newb with a knife, you see- he was running on the ground, and i was jetting over him. He missed and got his own knife in the head while running....
i almost laughed my brains out!

July 8, 2005, 9:20 pm
---> number 2: Haha i see that, that what we call nOObs..!
::::> number1: NICE