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A Class of my own
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Chaos Controll
July 14, 2005, 11:48 pm
It seems that im always in my own class when i play soldat online. Im either way better than everyone else there or way worse.
(an example of way better) I was playing a team match, and everybody who joined (about 15 ppl) joind the blue team ( I was green), so there I was 15 against 1, and i still won. I got killed like 2 times. And of course in a scenario like that theres the usual hacker calls and all that, but im no cheater.
(an example of way worse) I was playing a ctf. there were 5 ppl on each team. In run to the enemy base with everybody else, but i was always the first one to die. I dont think I got one kill that whole game. After a while everybody was saying i was a noob, and i got booted.
(scenarion 1 happens a lot more often than scenario 2-with slight variations of course) the strange thing is i almost never get a game where im at the same skill level as the majority
How many of you have had moments like those, tell me

July 15, 2005, 12:51 am
I am understanding that you are just playing for fun. For scenario 1, you have a much better advantage for you have more people to kill, unless people just want to spawn kill you.

I've had more situations where I play really well one night and usually get the most kills in CTF servers(no or minor spawn killing). Then there will be times that i'll be playing in that same server the next day and just can't kill anything to save my life. All in due time brings experience and skill. We all have our off days, just keep playing, it's not like it is a life or death situation. Well, I guess in Soldat it is. Bad example.

The @venger
July 15, 2005, 11:12 am
yeah, its easy to win a team game where the enemy is ca 15 and you is.... ...just you, because then you can pick whatever gun u like and still pwn ass. oh maybe except from barret coz its too slow.
but whatever, when im outnumbered i always win! XD

Deleted User
July 15, 2005, 6:00 pm
Not really...I tend to do excellent in deathmatches...I joined a team with 0 players on it and two teams has 5-6 players each. Its quite difficult to be able to dodge 5-6 beads of bullets flying at you and being able to kill all 6 of them before your mutilated. Id love to see you do this.

Norris Scott
July 15, 2005, 10:17 pm
As an M79 user I often find myself doing excellent with my aim on some maps, picking people off in mid-air and whatnot. But either it's the next server, the next day, or even just the next map and suddenly I suck.

I was doing incredibly well on one INF game awhile back. Two maps in a row and I pretty much won the game both times for my team. Basically, the first map I played when I joined the red team, they were losing 86-0. In the end, they won 120-ninety something and I made every single cap.

Next map? Same thing, I capped all the way up to 90 for red team, then was running with the flag back to base and got picked off by a sniper. My team-mate picked it up and ran the short ways back to our flag to make the final cap.

Then came the next map...we lost 120-0. I just sucked most of the game, I didn't even TOUCH the flag. Same with the map after that, though I actually managed to touch the flag *once*.

It's all about the type of map you're playing on, who your opponents are, and how you're just plain doing that day. I was doing great for awhile, but that one sniper shot might have been what threw me off track, or it could just be I suck on those maps.

Whatever the case...it varies :)

Deleted User
July 15, 2005, 11:39 pm
Always happens with me. One day, my aim will be so accurate and scary people accuse me of being a hacker. Then the next day I run through 2 clips before I kill a guy. Then again, I did make this amazing run in a death match today, got a multi right at the start by jumping up and knifing this noob thinking he could kill me while standing still while I was still loading the damn game...knifed him, jumped to the left, 3 shots, double kill, 3 more shots, triple kill, reloaded and killed these 2 guys fighting eachother. Never missed 1 shot. (Deagles/knife btw)

Deleted User
July 16, 2005, 7:04 am
Im lethal in a death match ^^ / With team matches i can agree that its easier to be on a team with less people...more kills for you! Hide in some grass or behind a box and use barret and rocketlauncher or ill "run and gun" with desert eagles or ruger. Its all fun!

Deleted User
July 16, 2005, 5:28 pm
Ewwww camping is lame. I dont see how you can manage to make all these kills for your small team in 1 spot. For me, im extremely aggressive with my deagles. Ill chase 1 guy down and completely ignore everyone else until hes dead. By that time, ill have 3 people shooting at me, so ill knife 1, and nade/shoot the other 2. w00t.

Deleted User
July 16, 2005, 6:58 pm
You really hate camping don't you?

Deleted User
July 17, 2005, 8:20 am
YES! I was HOPING youd realize that after all my negative comments toward it, people would realize im a whiny, (Please refrain from swearing)y little (Please refrain from swearing) with campers. Sheesh!

However, I do have an ontopic comment. Today, I was in a ctf server that dwindled from 14 people to 3. Me and this guy vs 1 person....with me on the team we were owning so rediculously bad, im surprised the guy on the other team didnt leave - so, i told my teammate to switch teams.

There I was, in a 2 v 1, me vs all, me using my deagles and knife all the way. The score was bravo:4 (my team) and alpha:0 - BUT, lets disregard the current score. Throughout the whole game, my accuracy was so dead on that I absolutely OWNED these 2 people. I was unkillable because i killed the other guys so fast they couldnt get 1 shot on me. The score, NOT counting what it started at would of been 2-1 with me on my way to score. Wanna hear the comments I got?

"Dude...this game is rigged...desert eagles shouldnt be this strong"

"You know what? I think you are spreadshot hacking - you cant be that good"

I love it...I left after I beat them. Im really getting annoyed from public servers and the ignorant morons that play on them. That, and the barrets. The barrets i hate most.