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OOOOOOH what a rush!
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Norris Scott
July 15, 2005, 10:02 pm
So I've been really getting into Survival/Realistic combo games recently in CTF, right? I enter the Perrot server and play for awhile...eventually we get to CTF_Run

There's this guy on red team called Chameleon who's been picking apart my team with his Ruger, I'm the only one he has problems hitting as I manage to dodge the Ruger most of the time.

Well at one point, I'm flying along the top and I see an oncoming red who falls short just above the turret and starts to fall. I've already fired my M79 at him and missed, so I toss a grenade. It ricochetes off the other terrain and bounces downward, but doesn't hit anyone.

It does, however, knock Chameleon right out of his hiding spot under the turret. So I hover overhead, drop down right above the turret and fire off an M79 into Chameleon, killing him. Well there was a sniper right behind him that missed me, so they whip out a SOCOM and start firing at me.

I'm ducking, covering, doing all I can to survive until my M79 reloads and the guy's right over me, so I blast him into bits right over my head.

Well the guy from before who I missed has NO CLUE what's going on, he's looking in the other direction on the gray rock thing. So I just stand straight up, take control of the turret, and blast into him from behind.

I dismantled over half the red team in one fell swoop, it felt glorious :D

Anyone else have a moment of glory where they've taken out over half their opposing team under pressure?

Deleted User
July 15, 2005, 11:43 pm
I made one of the most amazing flag captures once at ctf_viet. Wasnt survival/realistic, but either I was extremely lucky or the team I had came over a sudden loss of accuracy, but anyways I was running over the hill, knifed this one guy flying above me, grabbed my knife back, threw it randomly and killed a camper guarding the flag, grabbed it - to my dismay, EVERYONE respawned and ALL were at the base at the same time...I had the flag and was standing at the edge of their base like o.o;; so i dashed as fast as i could and randomly shot behind me with my deagles...it was amazing, there were a CRAP LOAD of bullets flying at me, and i was dodging all of them, flying above and below beads, and scored with 2% hp left. Thank god 2 guys showed up from below to hold them back a bit XD I actually killed 2 people and got a double kill while i was randomly shooting behind me and killed these 2 guys with deagle barrages.

Deleted User
July 16, 2005, 5:24 am
I took out all 6 players of opposing team on Evo with just the chainsaw. At the end it was me verse Evo himself, he had spas and the flag versus me with chainsaw and the flag. I guessed where he was on a hunch, and leaped over a cliff, turned around, and prone burst fly with chainsaw, taking him out from behind. Finishing the slaughter.