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Taking one for the team
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July 26, 2005, 5:27 am
I was playing a CTF server, on ctf_viet. Anyways, it was survival and there was 2 of us left and one of them. I was going low and back towards the base, while my teamate had the flag and was going high with the flag to try and cap. Just then I'm about to pass by that one shaft that takes you from blue base to the low route or to the middle one ( not the one at the back of the base ) and I see a flash of red in a bush. I relize that its a guy with a LAW about to shoot my teamate, so I jump and start flying up, and the law is fired just when I'm emerging from the hole. Now you could tell for a fact that this was going to kill my teamate, which is what makes the story better. I emerge from the hole, see the law coming, jet up a little bit more, and BOOM! Take the LAW in the fact, and my teamate was RIGHT where the law would have gone, but instead he only gets blasted towards our flag, caps, and we win the game. I thought it was cool anyways :P. Anybody else have something like this?