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Sunshine [UNREG]
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Deleted User
August 1, 2005, 3:16 am
.: Sunshine
I got tired of the default Soldat interface so I made this one. The nades and weapon text sort of screw it up, but I'm too lazy, so I tried to work around it.


August 1, 2005, 3:28 am
A little dark, isn't it?

It looks good, though. Release a brighter-colored version, and I'll get it. =P

August 1, 2005, 3:29 am
Wow I really like this one but why call it sunshine?

Deleted User
August 1, 2005, 4:07 am
I couldn't think of what to call it, so I asked my friend Sammie to pick a word, and she said "sunshine"... so... that's what I named it. Zero72, what part do you want brighter? The whole thing? Or a specific part , like the bars, the gray outlines, etc.?

August 1, 2005, 4:44 am
Preferably the whole thing -- I'd like to see a lighter gray or silver version with more vivid-colored bars.

August 1, 2005, 5:49 am
I really like this interface. Good job. We need some new, really good creative interfaces around here.

Deleted User
August 1, 2005, 7:07 pm
Yeah, come on STEVE!!!!

Deleted User
August 1, 2005, 7:21 pm
Haha, oh shee-it. NOW THEY KNOWS MAH NAME!

August 1, 2005, 7:38 pm
Omg holy nice :D Like the Grey-ish :D

August 1, 2005, 10:46 pm
the name doesn't fit it, i thought it was a bright interface, and what do i get: a nice dark interface, what a rip-off xD

August 1, 2005, 11:52 pm
^ So true, same here. I suggest you add some more birght, just little bit, cause in dark maps you cant see (Please refrain from swearing) of the meqasure bars...

August 14, 2005, 6:19 pm
quote:Originally posted by General
I got tired of the default Soldat interface...

we all do.

and it's a nice int, but the border colour is a bit off. the interfce could be brighter, so it's more sunshiney. nice overall, like the styling. i usually prefer interfaces with not too much fancy stuff, but still look good (not minifaces). this is a nice interface and very good if it's your first.