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August 11, 2005, 1:41 am
Hello fellow soldat players, testers, enthusiasts, and all above.
My name is Ashley Platz. I'm 16 and come from Australia.
I come here today to tell you about a new soldat commuinity about to be put online. It will be like Gamearena (www.gamearena.com.au) except, only about soldat. This new community would like to invite you all to become a member, and post in the forums. The site will be managaged by 5 people, but we are looking for many more poeple to help. The following is what is needed;
- A cheap webhost which will allow us to put up the site (this isnt vital, we already have one (www.ixel-host.net) but if you go cheaper than 6 pounds, we will use you).
- A few people who will help us create the site (eg. features like stats for the server etc)
- A few companies that may need advertisement to Australian's and people from all around the world. ( you can pay us a little bit to put your banner, button etc onto our website. The more you pay, the more the banner or advertisement is seen by others).
- And most of all YOU! you to help us keep the site going. please visit it. I will post more about it as time moves on and the site about to come online.

Thank you all for reading this post and i hope you enjoy the final product.
- Asher

August 11, 2005, 2:57 am
I can host you for free, unlimited space and bandwidth as well as shell/ftp accounts, but no control panel or anything of the sort.

Is this a mostly australian community, or an international community?

August 11, 2005, 4:13 am
um... well there will be more australians than international, but both will probably show. It is designed for australians mainly. Internationals are welcome too..
um.. how can i contact you? through MSN or ...?

August 11, 2005, 7:43 am
also... im needing a .com or a .com.au if possible, or will that cost? i dont want one with a sub-name in it...

August 11, 2005, 8:29 am
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