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Extracting Demos.
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September 17, 2005, 3:17 am
How do you extract the demo from the .sdm?
I want to be able to make it watchable on windows media player, or real player, or vlc player, or whatever! I want to be able to host in on my website, or send it to a friend so they can watch it.
I'm trying to get my friend Chris into Soldat, but he wants to see a demo first. I have been trying to figure this out ever since I got back from school. I also want to be able to make really cool Soldat movies :D Fraps doesn't exactly work for me..it screws up..and gives the well known 2 KB file crap. Game Cam doesn't work either..it just doesn't support Soldat. This way should be so much easier though..just extracting with some program. I know there is one! So if someone could help, I'd be greatly appreciative!

(I have read some stickies about this, and I'm sorry to say..they don't help worth a crap..that is why I posted a new topic, thanks ^^)

Deleted User
September 17, 2005, 11:43 am
Don't help worth a crap?

Sorry, but to play a demo, you have to use Soldat, which he'd have if he wanted to play anyway, so..

September 17, 2005, 2:40 pm
I said I still would like to make awesome Soldat movies, myself.

Oh well, I found a program called
http://taksi.sourceforge.net/ -----> Taksi

It is great, and it auto-saves to an AVI.
I then fixed it up by using: http://www.blazemp.com/ ------>Blaze Media Pro, which I will be buying once my trial period is over :D

It works good, but I still need to make the file reduce a bit more.