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Best moment EvaH!
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Deleted User
September 17, 2005, 10:17 pm
Okey this is my best memory =)

I joined a swedish server,And just stood there chatted...My team was losing and i said 'Do i really have to work?' . Then i started WALKING to the Blue teams base...and as i was walking i killed 5 people. i never jumped or moved just walking and shooting.

took flag walked back , Scored! =D

over and over same thing..and still it was a 10 vs 10 server!!

I was never knifed,camped or anything under the whole long match...

And all the time everone failed to return the flag,but me =O

Okey and at the end it was like 10-10 . And no one seemed to capturing anything

so i said 'Do i have to do everything by myself?' And i started to WALK as usally ,slowly , Then i was at the base stopped at the flag,looking aroound. No one there ,Then! *spawn sound* so i took flag and for first time under the match i didn't WALK..slowly..but still just walking.

All 10 players came down (The map was B_2b or what its called)
behind me ..and actully everyone threw 1 or more grenades and started shooting me.

it exploded infront of me.. i flew back , behind all enemys into a healthbox ( I was nearly dead)

and it happend so quick they just shooted after me ..don't moving ,Forgetting they was standing in their own grenades.. and BOOM! ...haha! actully i never think i ever will see same thing again..and i promise u they who played was NOT bad!!!

September 17, 2005, 10:19 pm
I was on a server and I pissed on a friend.

Oh wait no, this happened in real life

Deleted User
September 17, 2005, 10:23 pm
Haha! i actully belevie u =P