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''oh! u came back''
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September 18, 2005, 1:35 am
a funny moment happened in ctf_run:i was on red with the captured blue flag with some other guys and one of them said to me: ´´guard the flag, dont go anywhere'' ''ok'' i answered. then they left to retrieve the other flag... after a while the battle in the enemies base starts and suddenly i notice a head of my teammate was flying to me(sniped by an enemy from blues base!) and it says to me while hitting the ground: ''CAP!'' and suddenly the flag is retrieved! the funny part was that the head of team mate came like some airmail express to tell me to get ready for capping.

September 18, 2005, 5:02 am
Heheh, I had this happen to me once, except it was a regular team match game, and a head came flying toward me while I was hiding and said "Look out, <my name here>" Not mentioning my name coze I don't remember what it was back then.

September 18, 2005, 10:57 am
haha :) gotta live flying heads!

September 20, 2005, 12:01 am

Deleted User
September 20, 2005, 1:06 am
he probably didnt think of taking one at the time, but that would be funny

September 21, 2005, 9:58 am
quote:Originally posted by KoonScreenshot?

meh... i dont know where that button is. :P
why? coz i have a spanish keyboard! xD

September 21, 2005, 10:48 am
lmao thats awesome ^__^

i am ahab
September 21, 2005, 11:52 am
alt + print screen no?

i'd have thought the buttons would be the same on a euro keyboard?? :s
you still press ctrl + c for copy right? (if you're using win xp, else dont press tha...... *blank screen*

September 21, 2005, 1:25 pm
well... the problem is that i have laptop comp! and those buttons where ´´prt scr´´ are, are mixed somewhere in the corner...
tho i do have now discovered which one is delete... :P

September 21, 2005, 6:03 pm
"Is this your head?"
"I think I've found your head?"
Heh, talking heads are always my favourite moments :)

Deleted User
September 27, 2005, 5:06 am
Well, I was at b2b, picked up a barret from some guy I killed, I had the flag and was sitting up top, jumping up and firing random barret shots based on scout shots. Kinda funny, I nailed 1 guy in the head, it flew right up next to me. I said hi. :D

- Tek -
September 27, 2005, 10:15 am
Yeah that is awesome. When you see the flag is gonna get returned so you yell out CAP NOW! to your team, then you die. ITS HONOR I tells ya!