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Bought 2 keys, but only got one...
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February 20, 2003, 8:46 pm
Hi there, I bought 2 keys (one for my friend, and one for me) but I only received one.. I've sent 3 mails since then to Michael, but he doesn't answer me. I bought the keys the 15th, and received my only one the 16th. I sent him the first mail the 16th, second 17th, and third yesterday.. Anyone can help? (I gave him my friend name so he can register it to him.. In the second mail..)

February 20, 2003, 9:00 pm
email Michal again, make sure you include all the emails that you got from digital candle so that he kow's you are or real and not chancing your arm for a free reg key :O)

Michal Marcinkowski
February 22, 2003, 9:58 am
If you register two or more keys at once please be sure to send me an e-mail what name should the other keys be register to.
It will make things faster, thanks.