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SOCCOM to USP Match - first thing ever Now screens
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October 12, 2005, 5:24 pm
Hello Soldat comynity!

Well i give my first thing I made for soldat ever-
Soccom to USP Match.

Hope im in the right forum though. (w00t)
All is changed : Sfx , Weapons-gfx, to the menu picture (its your choise, not neseserry). It kinda looks like the pistol from HL2.
If you have ptoblems downloading it tell me and ill try to fix the problem.

Dont get pissed of if it doesent work im NEW pretty new indeed :P.

DL : http://m00.laughingllamas.com/fileupload/index.php?act=view&file=VVNQIE1hdGNoLnppcA==

PIC : http://m00.laughingllamas.com/fileupload/index.php?act=view&file=ZmZmZlVTUC5ibXA=

This is actually the Menu PIC, but the actual is the same.
If you should know the wad. sounds go to the Sfx folder (in the actual soldat folder)
And the bmp. files go to the Weapons-gfx.
The only acception is the 10.bmp it has to be put in your interface folder (depends on which interface you are using)

All the above things i said may sound stoopid but i had to make sure that you enjoy it as well as i do. (the mod that is)

Well hope you like it.
Looking forward to coments.

ETA Capt. Meisseli
October 12, 2005, 5:49 pm
as a noob i can say. Good job. I would like to have more shadin in it though.

Keron Cyst
October 12, 2005, 6:20 pm
Put more shading. The white on its own already is way too bright. Looks nice, tho'. Make the barrel less boxy at the end.

October 12, 2005, 8:22 pm
Boxy? OF course it's boxy! The front of the gun has a boxy great thing on it!


And if you think you've seen it before, it's the one off of Half Life 2.

EDIT: Ah, he said that already.

October 12, 2005, 8:23 pm
Better Picture:


Good gun mate. You may want to work on the shading a ittle bit though.

October 12, 2005, 8:57 pm
H&K ownz you.
Rather than using a file hoster for images, use an image hoster for images. I recomend [URL]. And it would be nice if it wasn't just a picture of the interface, but a picture of a guy using it in-game, complete with the menu. It doesn't have to be the entire menu, just the rip of the part of the menu with the gun and paste in the guy holding it, but not on the menu. And use the img tags to link the image right in. That would be very helpful.
Yeah, needs more shading. Right now it looks very MSPaint-tacular, which is okay for a first time.
Next time, could you put the files inside folders? I don't really like having to make all these new folders so I can use it, 'cause I'm sure not messing with the orginal Soldat files when I can use the -mod command!
Next time, could you put in the download link instead of the file view link? I had to hack the URL to get at it.

Before you call me a hypocrit, look at the mod I made, a lame MP5 skin:
Yes, it sucks. But it does everything I say you should do, except have shading. =P

I'm not trying to be a jerk, so sorry if I upset you.

Overall, not bad for a first shot. Needs some streamlining, but otherwise good.

Keron Cyst
October 13, 2005, 2:01 am
No, I'm not talking about the black box in the front; smooth out the corners (at least the bottom-right pixel).

October 13, 2005, 3:35 am
Like they all said.. shading. The shape and design are good, though.

October 13, 2005, 6:55 am
the front of the barrel, where the box thing is, needs to be more jagged at the bottom, like so:


that colour scheme looks nicer too.

ETA Capt. Meisseli
October 13, 2005, 1:51 pm
Yes u are right. That gun is also in hl2. I has got the same boxy thing on it. Look this!

October 13, 2005, 5:51 pm
Wow thx gyus. Ill work on that shading thingy and i WILL put it in folders.Sry for that.
What about the sfx are they ok? And i guess the insparation came from hl2 =].
And sry for the in menu pic but i didnt know how to take a in game screenshot (lmao,ashamed)
I tried to make the box thingy (in front of the gun) more to the handlebar but then the gun looket VERY small. So a put it short again. Thx again and ill work on it.The school really makes it hard to do because i use the PC only friday saturday and sunday.
Dont mind if i dont post so often.

ETA Capt. Meisseli
October 13, 2005, 6:11 pm
And one thing forgot to say. Try to separate that hmm what it is. A little curve on it. Hmm. this is hard. Sry for my bad english.

October 13, 2005, 6:26 pm
Uhm.. Try to seperate that silvery thingy in the middle or something else?

October 13, 2005, 8:27 pm
The actual gun looks kindof like a BB gun.

ETA Capt. Meisseli
October 14, 2005, 6:50 pm
that little silver curve. get it? should i draw it?

October 14, 2005, 7:07 pm
Nah i got it =].Will fix that too.

[EDIT] Better screens from in game.





ETA Capt. Meisseli
October 15, 2005, 11:23 am
It looks really good inthe game, but the interface lacks something. hmm. I get it. Croshairs. The to pieces of metal on the top of the gun. u get it? Im not a really good explainer. :P

October 15, 2005, 11:56 am
I read ya loud and clear. If its nececerry i will pit a crosschair.

[EDIT] Roflz. What am I sying it IS neceserry. Ill fix it.

October 15, 2005, 12:07 pm
OK. Ive reset everything.I have screens. And heres the actual thing.

Sry for that they are not in folders.(w00t)