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October 24, 2005, 11:03 pm
If any of you have played BF2, you'll know that certain "ranked servers" keep a tally of your score after the game and send it to a central server. I was thinking that it would be interesting if there were ranks in Soldat. There could even be positions like captain and general like there are in bf2, depending on your score. When you get really high, it would be by percentage, but that's a technicality.

Whaddya think?

im Spicy
October 24, 2005, 11:06 pm
That is a really good idea. The only problem is that is probably really hard for one man to acomplish by himself. But ya, that would be really cool.

October 24, 2005, 11:09 pm
True, but people should help with the coding of soldat. It's not fair that we just play his game and don't give much back in the process. Soldat should be more community developed, but let's not get into that here.

Please don't talk about that remark in this forum. This is not the place.

Deleted User
October 25, 2005, 1:44 am
Holy crap. do you want me to get more addicted then possible to Soldat if that happens. @_@ GOsh. Dont dont even think about it!

October 25, 2005, 2:21 am
for the ranking formula:

(k - 0.4 * d) * k/d
multiply the answer by 1.1 if the player's soldat is registered.
kill, death

anyway, i've thought about this before, there could be an "enlist" tab in the soldat menu.

roughly speaking:


EDIT: the placement wit the players around my name, the registration thing counts in the listings.
if you don't like my ideas, oh well. i tried.

October 25, 2005, 2:36 am
Not bad. It could also include a little picture of your guy. Also stats about medals (1st place, 2nd place, most kills, most deaths, most suicides, etc.). This would be really cool, and people would be able to see how they are in comparison to other ppl.

EDIT: Just got a great idea. The profile page could be used to either log on to offline accounts which would be for just playing against bots or playing unranked, or you can log on to an online/enlisted account for playing on ranked servers and raising your score.

Also, your score shouldn't include number of deaths. It should give a positive for every kill, a negative for every suicide and teamkill. This would constitute your score. It shouldn't be a percentage of deaths, because even the best players can get spawnkilled occasionally.

October 25, 2005, 2:45 am

October 25, 2005, 9:32 pm
Bob Dole (c) approves this suggestion!

Edit: This would make many, many people leave Halo 2. XD

Deleted User
October 25, 2005, 9:34 pm
Ew, people will see my score? Damn.. theyll see that I suxors! >:|

October 25, 2005, 9:39 pm
Well, maybe this will be an incentive for people to practice so that us better ppls have some competition.

*I'm Not Trying to Be Elitist* (so don't fuking flame me)

EDIT: Rabidhamster, wanna be the official drawer for the rankings tab?

Deleted User
October 26, 2005, 12:15 am
there should be like a weblink that should open the top 100 or sumthing or maybe a top 10 for each gun, self kills, stuff like that. i like the idea.

October 26, 2005, 12:52 am
That's also good, because the client shouldn't get bogged down with info and it shouldn't affect your internet connection much while not playing the game. This page could also be rss/xml or something and could just load into a little scrollable box in the client's window. Would people who make ranked accounts have to pick a permanent outfit or not? It could always be programmed that when someone changes their outfit, the client sends a message to the ranking server that updates the user's clothing style.

Deleted User
October 26, 2005, 4:24 pm
wow i like that idea thats like in socom 2

October 26, 2005, 5:02 pm
This'd be great. As long as the "top" lists aren't dominated by those who just have the time to play Soldat 24/7 - that'd suck... maybe allow a "most time spent online" header for those guys.

Also, there should be a Country (or Region) selector to allow people to see how they fare against their own online community, and not just against the world.
Hopefully that'd give Michal some incentive to add a Country/Region option to the filters tab, also ;)

Although, I will just say that people on the server-side can do this already. For example, EnEsCe's site, USED to have a whole bunch of stats... though it would be MUCH better to get an overall view, and the ability to see how people around the would are.

October 26, 2005, 5:25 pm
@Rabidhamster: Definetly dont have the 1.1 coefficient for registration status. If anything, registration should give a little star next to thier name, or maybe to be as a tie breaker.

October 27, 2005, 2:38 am
Maybe registered users can see their stats in more detail than non-registered users, and can compare their stats to the stats of another user. The registration could give you more abilities on the enlist/whatever tab, not a bonus in game or a bonus that alters your points.

October 27, 2005, 3:46 am
I don't know about you, but when playing soldat its alway fun thinking of your enemies as flesh and blood, not points and ranks. Besides I'd PWN YOU ALL!

October 27, 2005, 3:55 am
It's not as much about bragging rights as setting goals for yourself and knowing how good you are in relation to other people. And sure, it's sometimes fun to poke fun at people by proving that you're actually better.

EDIT: And by the way, I'll play you. I'd like to see how good you actually are after that little bit of self-promotion.

October 27, 2005, 9:45 pm
Hmm that requires a stern decision on my part lol.

October 27, 2005, 10:20 pm
sure stern, i accept, although ville or geologist would probably be better.

tomz, you're sick.

October 27, 2005, 10:43 pm
Can you say... "Stat-[CENSORED]"?

October 27, 2005, 11:04 pm
^wait... what?

October 27, 2005, 11:10 pm
Stat wh0re. This would only encourage people to be barret-camping [CENSORED] punk kids who are seeking only to improve their stats. If you want stats go play on U13, Soldat doesn't need this and it would probably bring on a revolution in whoring, as Melba so flatly pointed out.

Deleted User
October 27, 2005, 11:56 pm
i kind of support this idea but i hope theres no servers who people only level 15 or something can join like in AA, then i'd like it

October 28, 2005, 12:41 am
There aren't levels. The server/whatever would just keep track of a "point" score which is calculated by using certain stats like kills, deaths, suicides, tk's, etc. Anyone could play on any server, but admins would be able to kick a person if they didn't think they were good enough (and they can do this now, so that's nothing new.)

October 28, 2005, 7:19 pm
Well, if their stats SHOWED that they got their rank by barret-whoring, then I doubt people would respect their rank.

October 28, 2005, 8:34 pm
It could show the general score of the person, and then could be broken down by weapon usage. Also, there could be a camping timer. If you were in a prone/crouched position with a barret for more than 10 seconds, it adds 10 seconds to the camping timer and keeps going until you get out of the crouch/prone position.