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Class based soldats?(and more suggestions)
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October 26, 2005, 6:34 pm
It would be nice if soldat was class based, for each weapon.

You would still choose your weapon, for exsample the Barret but along with doing so you are chosing a custom Gostek,(Snipers could have like a grass back so they can hide better?) I think each class should still be able to choose any Secoundary Although Saw might give away a sniper. and on top of this Each Class should get an "Aura" Such as More jets for those around you, more health, more armor, faster movement etc. and multiples would stack or "Team bonus" in which just having the class on your team gives you the bonus. these should stack also.

Now I think this would be an interesting dynamic to soldat and encourage a few things more, 1, If "Team bonus" was used it would encourage Diverse teams or even combos. Say your team could try going all XXX or spliting it and going XYZ.(team of 3) 2, If auras where used it would encourage staying together and working together(Keeping each other alive to keep their bonus's.).

A Few more Ideas I have thought of, which might have been suggested before(It seems my other post was deleted?). Unlike the above which I didint find in a search.

1, Custom Gosteks online+the colored arrows above allies heads ONLY.(if Implemented with the idea above people could have their own custom sniper gostek etc, and not just their own "soldat" look, would be very fun.) (See "Custom Gosteks Online" Thread and "Indicator Alternitive?" Thread.)

2, A minimap! this drives me crazy, I want to see where my allies are and where they are going. and even what area on the map they die. I <3 the names on the side of the screen and that kindof helps. But a minimap should be implemented. (if used with the suggestion below, one could get an item to ping the minimap with a long recharge)

3, Being able to take an Item into battle as well on top of your Primary Weapon, and Secoundary Weapon. (If used with Ideas above, Items could be Class based too, for exsample the sniper could have the Radar ping ability.) Items could be, Radar ping, Mines, Remote mines, Swat shield, Shovel(for digging holes to hide in), Extra Granades, Jetpack(Stronger then Jets but less fuel), Sandbags(instant defense position XD), Grass, etc etc etc. Many ideas could be formed for items.

4, New moves for Soldats, (like the backflip I dont know how many times that has saved my butt.) (See thread "falling on your back?")

5, This I dont think will happen, but Vehicles would be a fun addition to soldat. However I think the maps would have to be too big, that people would use them only.

October 26, 2005, 9:08 pm
All these are old ideas, but I don't mind the way they are presented here. Please keep all the classes discussion here.

October 26, 2005, 9:34 pm
Classes would be really fun. They would make it so that the games would involve more strategy.

For example:

1. Healer - Auto-regen
2. Assault - Faster reload, more damage, larger clip size (one of those)
3. Ammunition Person Dude - Reload grenades, faster reload, larger clip size (one of those)
4. Sniper - Increased accuracy/less bink
5. Grenadier - Something that has to do with grenades (more total grenades, auto reload, auto cluster)

These would be really interesting, and would add something to the game.

The idea about having items would be interesting, but some of them wouldn't be too feasible. About the shovel, read the topic about destructible environments and the poly issues.

Minimap's a good idea, but it would be better mainly for larger maps. On many of the small maps, you can see nearly the whole map from one location (Arena 3).

Good ideas, though!

October 26, 2005, 10:30 pm
Reminds me of Wolfenstien: Enemy Territory. Is that where you got this idea from? ^^

I like the classes idea, but I'm stuck on ideas to suggest. >: I'll prolly come up with something later.

I think there's already a thread for idea 1, I don't really like idea 2 much, idea 3 sounds cool, but might need some tweaking (what if everyone dug pits in front of thier base so no one could walk in?), idea 4 also sounds cool, but needs more detail, and 5 will never happen. >:

October 26, 2005, 10:39 pm
Chonorvoku, no actually, at first I thought of it being liek tribes but then I thought well I dont think class's should have more then one primary. Then I just came up with this lol. of course I am sure EVERYTHING in this idea and others need tweaking I wasint trying to present it as an obsolute idea, just the basic layout/start of the idea/s.

October 27, 2005, 12:18 am
Well if there was custom classes and custom gfx's then that would be pretty cool for modding gfxs.